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Friday, April 14, 2006

To Die For 2: Alabama Boogaloo

Posted by on April 14 at 13:21 PM

Unlike the original, the real-life sequel stalls at the level of sex and murder allegations, with no one actually killed, thank God.

Should Hollywood decide to film the new version, I think Anne Hathaway would make a lovely alleged student banger/murder planner.

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Did you take a look at her mugshot? Rather smalltown plain jane. I would choose Amy Sedaris to play Sharon Linton Rutherford.

where is the mugshot?

just do a google image search of:
Sharon Linton Rutherford

Her husband was a gym teacher at the same high school last year.

Her husband did not teach gym at the same school. That was misrepresented. He was a gym teacher in the same county school system but at a different school. This year he is a head football coach in Washington County just south of Clarke County where Coffeeville is.

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