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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Speaking of Bellingham

Posted by on March 8 at 11:29 AM

Bellingham’s beloved burrito joint and tequila bar, Casa Que Pasa, is defying the statewide smoking ban by allowing smoking in its back bar. The health department is badgering them but has yet to issue fines. WWU’s Western Front has the story.

If you ever find yourself in Bellingham with a hangover, head to Railroad Avenue and nurse yourself on the best potato burrito in the world.

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Even though I'm a non-smoker, I'd risk lung cancer for a potato burrito. My year at WWU had few upsides, and that burrito was one of them.

For my money, Bandito's Burritos on West Holly is much less icky.

I dumped the boyfriend who introduced me to Bellingham and Casa Que Pasa, but I would marry a potato burrito anytime. With a pint from Boundary Bay as my maid of honor.

All right, some civil disobedience.

Anti-Atkins and Belltowner have it right (especially about WWU), though the chicken quesadilla is star in it's own right. Bandito's has a great salso bar, but the food can't beat Casa.

Sexiest waitstaff in Bham, as well.

bean and cheese chimichanga is tha shiiiiizzznat, bitch. and their bar has the best mural art in town.

aaaaah, the rancho burrito (=potato burrito + special sauce + black olives + lettuce) is fucking awesome. no trip to b'ham is complete without a stop at casa.

bummer about the smoking, but the back bar area kind of sucks and you can still get booze out front, so no matter.

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