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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Project Runway Finale Tonight!

Posted by on March 8 at 11:27 AM

I’m guessing Santino is totally gonna take it… Ugh.

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This thing is still on?
When does it stop?

Tonight is the finale. So it ends, uh... tonight.

I can't believe we're to the season finale; it's the only show on television that I watch. I'm getting phantom pains already.

And I agree with you Megan, Santino might have it. He had a couple of gowns (one red, the other gold) that made my mouth water. I think Daniel V. deserves it, though. He's been the strongest designer all season by far.


I'm saying Daniel only because of the focus on Tim apparently not liking his designs in the last episode (oh the drama!) and reality TV loves to throw that sort of red herring at you. With the same logic Chloe might win becase she seems to be the forgotten one all the time. Santino winning seems to easy.

I would be equally happy if either Daniel V. or Chloe won. Honestly, if I ever saw anything designed by Santino in a store, I would laugh and walk away. His clothes are never wearable or flattering, they are just "innovative and artistic". And while I understand that big designers have to push the boundaries of fashion to become famous, Santino doesn't know how to tone it down when necessary. Daniel and Chloe both make beautiful, and wearable, clothes. Santino doesn't. If he wins, it will be because he stands out the most as a person, not as a designer.

No worries, Cienna- just read they picked it up for a third season! And to get your fashion tv fix in the downtime, you could aways tune into my other favorite guilty pleasure, America's Next Top Model. Trashier, but still highly entertaining. It's hard to be a model! Cycle 6 starts tonight!!

Cienna, if you love project runway, there is a really good chance you will like America's Next Top Model.

In a *WAY*, it's still got that "producing something creative" thing going on. Except instead of fabulous outfits, they're producing looks and poses. The elaborate photo shoots can be pretty amazing.

Also, and this is the most important part of America's Next Top Model: I believe it was David Schmader who said (I'm paraphrasing) that ANTM was the first time that watching someone cry on television was absolutely hilarious. And they cry a lot. And it is hilarious.

I think Daniel should win given the clothing he had designed during the show. Having said that,I think Santino will win. If you notice Debra Messing tends to go for gowns very similar to the ones Santino just designed. I think she will pick him.
I love America's next top model.The girls are stupid to the point of being absurd and very bitchy. It's very funny.

ugh? we'll see.

Didn't a model on ANTM cheat on her boyfriend on national television, and then call him and tell him about it--also on national television?

If so, I'll give it a shot. Nothing makes me smile more that seeing others weep. (Except babies with spaghetti faces--

Yes, she did fuck a italian model. She then called her boyfriend and told him.
The boyfriend ripped her a new one.

where's the party? the stranger hosts party for other important events...elections, valentine's day bash, etc... shouldn't there be a venue where we all get to ooh, aah, and groan as a collective?? suggestions??

Well, well.

I have like Santino from the beginning. Talent in spades just waiting for the big push. It was a game for him before.

Now it is career.

I think there was some cock sucking among the gay men - too bad they can't show some of the raunch we all know was present. Weepy was doing Santio from day one- wanna bet?

I agree that Daniel has talent - designs too conventional for the world... haute couture.... stage. Will work for a line at Nordstrom by him. Or high end Target.

First Crash, now Santino. When will it end?

Had to watch it a second time to see that both Daniel and Santio were safe and flat.

Santios were chic, much better that previous, but flat. And not well fitted.

Half of Daniels's stuff was banal. A tassel on an evening gown - are you kidding.

Chloe had it all. She does not articulate her talent verbeally, but she sure know good design and finish.

Her first outfit- Dioresque at its best.
Fashion as art, color, cut and design.

Worn by young royalty in any Euro center, or NYV or SFO. At certain events and eving affairs.

Tres chic haute couture, bravo, ma cherie.

I thought Chole's stuff looked like prom gowns. Vulgar, flash, and flat.

But as someone pointed out on another blog, Daniel V is the real winner—Michael Kors (sp?) OFFERED HIM A JOB. Which would you rather have? A mentorship with the Banana Republic Design team? Or a job with Michael Kors?

I'm surprised that no one commented on the fact that Daniel V's model tripped on the hem of the dress he made for her—which was, I agree, ugly. That seemed pretty sinful. Also, his purses? Ugly.

And what was with the show ending with Chloe jumping in her new car? That was vulgar.

Dan - the All American thrill is still a new car.....and that looked like a dazzler. As she said, Thank God it is a convertible...

If I remember her bio - she was born in Laos and her family finally made it to America.

Another great story.

She was the clear winner - what seams. The back on the one bright blue outfit was couture art.

And her fit of each garmet was superb. Kors kept giving hints for weeks that in the real world of expensive fashion -- fit is all. Chole had that hands down.

Interesting TV - I think it is the most real of the realities, and high fashion has always had my attention. I like old Vogue mags.

Ol' Kors and Lil' Daniel can now have a good cry over gown wearers tripping on their creations at the water cooler. Didja see Garner almost go splat in Kors dress at the Oscars?? It will be very interesting to see if Kors in Season 3 admonishes another designer for that happening.

I love this dang show! Didn't catch the 'Chefs' debute - what did y'all think???

Great- very direct- lot of insults, personal clashes, possible better than Runway after a few episode.

Chef is not just a title - it is the Face of God in cooking.

And food is a big topic.

Poached Alaska Salmon won this week - smart contender, have never had bad fresh salmon. Short of injecting it with bitter something - how can you ruin it?

I like these direct real work work place things. Even in Runway - playes were laboring with thread needle, iron, patterns - etc.

Real stuff.

Knives- hard core opinions and spices will be good I think. VERY hard work again.

Even in fancy places, serving shifts are busters for every person.

And a tad risky as in cuts, falls, and burns.

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