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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Seattlest to Seattle Times: Fuck You, Grandpa.

Posted by on March 29 at 16:21 PM

Seth over at Seattlest cancelled his subscription to the Seattle Times this morning…

One sentence into the lead editorial of today’s Seattle Times, we decided to cancel our subscription. Here’s the assertion that broke this camel’s back:
In the aftermath of a mass shooting that took the lives of six Seattle area young people, including two girls ages 14 and 15, there is plenty of finger-wagging.

Actually, Seattle Times, there isn’t any finger-wagging anywhere except on your editorial page. The P-I, the Stranger, the Weekly, Seattlest, and pretty much everyone we’ve talked to have had the same reaction—disbelief at the actions of the killer, compassion for those who died, and the morbid relief concomitant with surviving random tragedy.

Not the Times. While hundreds were mourning the victims on Capitol Hill yesterday, the mystifyingly disconnected Times editorialists were busy blaming. Their scapegoat? As the Stranger’s Josh Feit predicted the day of the shooting, it’s the Teen Dance Ordinance.

Too lax, the Times says. You are heartless, reactionary, 837-year-old fools, we say.

We’re cancelling our subscription. No more Times on the porch for us. No more incomprehensible ramblings of “TV Addict”, no more of the affront to comedy that is “Sideline Chatter.”

Right on, Seth.

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I used to work at the Times and any sentimental favoritism I held for them has vanished in the wake of their coverage of this event. They've been utterly horrible. I've followed Seth's lead and canceled my subscription. I encourage others to do the same. If you do, feel free to tell them why by sending an email to this address:

I am cancelling my Times subscription as well. More than, I think the whole music community should boycott them. No interviews, no press releases, no anything. Fuck them. Joni Balter (?) is an obsessed old crank. Just watch how irrelevant they are. We can make them more so.

Oh, c'mon, people. This is the same forum where everyone, led by Dan, was railing about freedom of the press and open expression around the Danish cartoons a few weeks ago. The Times takes an editorial position you don't like, and now it's a boycott? Their news coverage has been the best of anyone's on this, followed by The Stranger's terrific story from inside the house.

The Times coverage ranks somewhere above The Weekly's and far, far below that of The Stranger or the PI.

This isn't a 1st Amendment issue, it's a customer service issue. You put out a shitty product and you lose customers, simple as that.

Joni Balter and the Times editorial staff fought hard against the AADO back in the day. Now Joni sees an opportunity to push her anti-youth agenda again, and she is using this tragedy to do it. This is the most cynical bullshit since Bush using 911 to invade Iraq. Joni is the lamest of lame, and everyone who works at the Times and takes part of her exploitation of these deaths is likewise culpable. I will not give them another dime of my money, I won't read them and I will encourage everyone else to do the same. At my local coffee shop I am demanding they stop carrying the paper. I'm no longer in a band, but I am encouraging my friends who are to stop sending them press releases and stop granting them interviews. If they want to piss on the music scene, we should piss back.

I don't think stopping your subscription is quite in the same league as threatening everyone at the Times with death and demanding a worldwide jihad against America. No one's suggesting the Times shouldn't exist; they're just saying they don't want to pay money to read it anymore.

I can't cancel something I never had :rimshot:

Is that the groans of terminal illness I hear, Seattle Times? Sure sounded like a bad case of fogeyism to me.

Well, not to chill the right on anger at some of the most stupid editorials even printed ---

No need to buy THE RAG - free on line just after midnight --- despite all, they have moved a bit to the center over the years.

The gay community picketed them several times years ago. They were stunned, as that does not happen often.

All this long time pre Stranger. They have moved miles and miles on gay issues.



hey "don" no one is saying we should taliban-style kill the editors of the sea-times, just cancel your subscription. still free speech. we're just chossing not to listen to the drivel that comes out of their editorial boards mouths.

see? that's how a democracy works.

balter wrote the damn thing. dumb bitch. free press is one thing, but heartlessness and stupidity is another.

You guys are as bad as the Fox-watchers. You use the media the way a drunk uses a lamppost: for support, not illumination. Agree with my every position, or else. It's called the "opinion" page for a reason.

And no matter that the Times supported Kerry against Bush. No matter that they have railed against the Iraq War. No matter that they consistently fight Tim Eyman. No matter that they have supported every piece of civil- and gay-rights legislation in the past decade in this state. They want a few more rules around your precious all-ages dances, so boycott 'em.

No matter they supported Bush against Gore, Sidran against Nickels. No matter they basically accused the people who originally fought to overturn the TDO of exploiting children and being child molesters.

The PI isn't leagues better, but Balter has gone too far, crassly using this tragedy to promote fear. Fuck the Times.

A great response to the fucktards at the Times -

On Wednesday, April 5, Mayor Nickels is holding a 10:00 a.m. press conference to announce the news about the new [all ages] venue, as well as express the city's support by giving $350,000 to the campaign (for VERA)

All the details for the new venue are available at


the times suck.

they supported bush the first time around when it was clear he was a complete idiot. they did not support the monorail, in fact did everything they could to make it go down.

my bet is they will support mcgavick over cantwell. and they're owned by crazy right-wingers. it may not come out in their editorials all the time, but it definately shows at the seems.

and fucking "tv addict". if their was a taliban-style execution of anyone at the paper, i hope they'd take her out first (yes, over the editorial board) her writing is a crime against humanity.

"tv addict," nothing... i'd want HMA's hypothetical taliban to go straight for Steve Kelley.

Slight clarification. The Times condemns the (more reasonable) All Ages Dance Ordinance, not the Teen Dance Ordinance. They were and are TDO fans.

you folks are a little confused if you think that the editorial board is the same thing as the newspaper. the editorial page is about 1/100th of the daily paper. if you read ONE sucky article in the stranger (and there are plenty to choose from) do you proclaim THE STRANGER SUCKS? that is really ridiculous.
and i wonder how many of you say I JUST CANCELLED MY SUBSCRIPTION TO THE TIMES every damn time you read something in there that pisses you off. just a suspicion...

I am not cancelling my subscription because of this one article. I have grown weary of the Times point of view over several years. Their original support of the TDO and Mark Sidran was a drag, but this pushes it over the top. It's one thing to push an opinion, they have every right. But it's very offensive to use this tragedy to push a political agenda. It is sickening. Balter sucks big time. The Times editorial staff sucks for running this bullshit. Ad their coverage is slanted towards pushing this same point of view.

Ha, we cancelled our subscription to the Times the second they started it. See, we'd actually subscribed to just the Sunday paper for awhile, then they talked us into adding the daily. We made it clear that the daily we wanted was the P.I., not the Times. First day they delivered it, there was the idiot Times, with an endorsement of McKenna for A.G. My husband called and read 'em the riot act and got the subscription switched to what it was supposed to be. Every once in awhile, the carrier screws up and accidentally gives us the birdcage liner instead of the newspaper, and I'm always astonished at what a piss-poor excuse for a metropolitan daily it is.

Dammit, if there was a way to get a Sunday P-I instead of the crap pile + ads that is the Sunday Times, I would. I haven't subscribed to the Times since the strike a few years ago, and I wouldn't let them darken my door at all if it wasn't for their annoying Sunday monopoly.

It is funny how people who admit they *never* read the paper are so fully confident in their opinion that the paper they *never* read sucks.

Never pay for isn't the same as never read.

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