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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What’s in a photo?

Posted by on March 29 at 16:22 PM

John Marshall at TPM has been doing a fantastic job covering Californian Congressional hopeful Howard Kaloogian’s (R) Baghdad photo fuck up. The Kaloogian for Congress team had posted a photo on its website supposedly taken on his recent “Truth Tour” through Iraq that was meant to illustrate how peaceful Baghdad is…

…except the photo was conclusively proven to be of a suburb in Istanbul.


Today, Kaloogian nearly shit himself while backpedaling, “Everybody in the group, we all shared pictures. I’m sorry, I don’t know who took [the photo] … You’re being really picky on this stuff. [You’d think I was being held accountable for fucking up or something] It’s not that big a deal. It was a mistake. I’m sorry.”

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Gosh, you aren't being very tolerant here - I thought conservatives merely had to admit their mistakes and all would be forgiven?

BTW, that's IstaNbul, DUMBASS!!!

Thanks. I suck at spelling...

Looks like you suck at posting, too

Looks like you suck at posting, too.

it's funny how you only have to push the button once...

Dear Cienna,

U continue 2 remain Dumb.

Very truly yours,


Istambul is an accepted variant spelling of Istanbul, as is Estambul.

However it is spelled, it is not an accepted visual variant of Baghdad.

Also: "U continue 2 remain Dumb" poster: You continue to remain a troll with a poor sense of capitalization and social skills. Please go back to sleep under your bridge.


Ouch. That hurt. Criticizing my capitalization skills? Even us trolls have feelings.

PS: U R Dumb, 2.

Love and kisses,


You are correct Michel, it is spelled IstaMbul - in France!

But thank God this is America and we speak English here.

so do we think these people would be so rude in public? it's amazing how people will act when they are anonymous.

So I guess you're saying that Cienna Madrid is an assumed name? Thanks for pointing that out.

But I agree, it is rather less than cordial to call anyone (even a Californian) a "f--k up," and a "dumbass."

Where are these retards coming from, and why?


Why must you be so insensitive as to put down retards?


Love and Roses,


LOL. He didn't even know they don't even use the same alphabet. What a complete moron.

This was posted on horses ass earlier today.

Ms Madrid - need to credit the other blog. Bad forme.

Byzantium by any other name is not Bagdad.

Such jeunes merdes. Should do a slog all in Francais seulment........ or even Mexican Spanish.

Push the dumb ones a little.

I enjoy living my life on the web, and using web acronyms every chance I get.

I think of myself as intellectually superior to my web peers.

Although I am alone, 49 years old, and an obsessive masturbator, I consider the SLOG to be my community.

Sometimes I go by Gomez. Sometimes I go by FARTZ.

I need human touch.

Please like me. Please.

French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Berber, Dinka? Got those t-shirts but didn't see you there Phil Two.

Oh, and Gomez, the Turks themselves spell it Istanbul - who am I to argue? Tesekur ederim!

Retards? I think this blog was sorely lacking satire, wit, and cranky intellectuals.

Much better reading.

So would it be piling on to note that Phil Two misspelled "seulment?" Not to mention that my Webster's Franglish to English dictionary says that the clause "all in Francais seulment" is redundant?

Must be tough when you think you're the smartest guy in the room - only to be proven wrong by a "dumb one."

Ciao Bello!

I think I remember - plus merde.


Feel better now? Major intellectual critic that you are.

I thought this was fun of some sort......ah, so very serious to some. And the quality of any thought MUST be first - the lack of a typo. How very bookkeeper......mundane even.

Seulement this instance is only / ever, each and every instance.

Spent two years a la Sorbonne.

Bon soir.

Even if the photo had been taken in Baghdad, it still would have been bullshit. I find it very hard to believe that government officials are allowed to wander around Iraq unguarded. Of course they have armed escorts. Of course they are only allowed to visit safe parts of Iraq. I bet the Iraqis that the Republican fact-finders meet are carefully vetted to be sure that they support the occupation.

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