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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Reichert’s Choice

Posted by on March 30 at 12:35 PM

Today brings yet another sign of the increasing national interest in Democrat Darcy Burner’s campaign to unseat Republican Congressman Dave Reichert in the eastside’s 8th Congressional District:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) today released this web ad highlighting Reichert’s opposition to stem-cell research. According to the DCCC:

The ad also shows the company that Reichert keeps in opposing this vital research tool. He stands shoulder to shoulder with figureheads of the radical right like Pat Robertson, James Dobson and Tom DeLay.

In addition, the ad contrasts Reichert with those who have good things to say about stem-cell research: The National Institutes of Health, Nancy Reagan, and Republican Senator Orrin Hatch. The message is that Reichert is out of touch with the majority of Americans who support stem-cell reasearch, out of synch with fellow Republicans, and too conservative for his moderate district.

Meanwhile, Reichert’s office put out a press release today with this headline: “Reichert Announces We The People Bookshelf Award to Sammamish High School”

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I'm sure the People Bookshelf with be thrilled to have their award go to such a fine school.

Did that get an award just for carrying Reichert's book?

Still not buying her, Eli.

After the first paragraph, you didn't mention Darcy Burner once. It was all about how much Reichert sucks. While that's all true, it doesn't make Burner look all that much stronger. It's the Kerry Defense: vote for me because I'm not my opponent.

Sheriff Reichert was confused. He thought he was voting against drilling for embryonic stem cells in ANWR. Just wanted to placate his dysentery-green district.

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