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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Blue House Memorial

Posted by on March 30 at 12:06 PM

Mourners have left flowers and mementos around 2112 E Republican, but it can’t all stay there. Last night, the mourners and the Seattle Police Department mutually agreed that everything would be boxed up and either preserved in vacuum-packed bags or pasted into scrapbooks for presentation at the victims’ funeral services.

They’re also brainstorming about what to do with Kyle Huff’s artillery. There’s talk that the weapons can be melted down and integrated into whatever permanent memorial takes shape.

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"melt the guns, melt the guns, and never more to fire them".

Man, I LOVE the idea of melting his fucking guns.

Melt the guns and turn them into hoes and shovels for the p-patch garden to be built where the house was.

I know if we all focus our thoughts on love, peace and flowers, the dream of a garden memorial can come true.

It doesn't matter how much a piece of paper says that house is worth, the memory of the six lives we've lost are worth more than any amount of money. I'm dreaming of the garden there, are you?

Amazing how ready people are to give away what doesn't belong to them.

No, I'm not, and if we all focus our thoughts on love, peace, and flowers, the killers that walk among us will still be there. For the people who died no mere garden is going to be enough to remember them by, not their families and loved ones. Let that poor fellow have his house back.

Melt his guns into a giant peace sign and engrave it with the words, "You can never kill love."

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