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Friday, March 31, 2006

Pranksters Get Set

Posted by on March 31 at 11:04 AM

Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day (my favorite holiday). Besides stretching cling-wrap over a toilet seat, Super-Gluing quarters to the sidewalk, sewing closed your boyfriend’s fly, setting all the clocks in the house ahead three hours, calling your mom to announce you’re pregnant, hiding your best friend’s car, adding a bit of weed to your dad’s smokes, or handing out hot-pepper gum, anyone have any novel prank ideas?

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shrink wrap your roommates cat!

my grandpa was a fan of kool-aid in the showerhead and wet papertowels in the shoes.

Show up at an after-rave party with fake weaponry!

Sugar Free Chocolates, unwrapped, out for consumption. People cannot turn down free food. SF Chocolate has Sugar Alcohol in it, a LOT, and that usually causes intestinal gaseousness not seen since the Old Testament was a rough draft. Serves the pigs right.

A well done story about pranks I wish I had thought of.

Run for president on a "compassionate conservative" platform, and then start a war for no reason on faked evidence.

As the Economist article mentions, MIT pranks, particularly the ones making a monkey out of Harvard, are classics. Here's one:

An MIT student goes out every day at 11:00 AM to the middle of Harvard's football field, where he blows a whistle and scatters birdseed. Every day for a month. At the end of the month, it's the big Harvard-Yale football game, and at the start of the game, the referee goes out to the middle of the field and blows his whistle. He is immediately engulfed by thousands of birds.

Or the time they buried a weather balloon under the turf in the same stadium and hooked it up via the underground sprinklers to a supply of natural gas. They turned the gas on at halftime, and the giant balloon broke through the turf and rose up out of the ground, bearing the legend "MIT" on its side.

Both sound pretty funny. Both also sound like urban legends you wish were true, but actually aren't.

But I get your point: College kids pull the best pranks because they're generally bright people with access to the resources (time, conspicuous location, materials) to get something done.

The birdseed one is an urban legend, but the balloon is real. See photo at I wouldn't go so far as to say most college students are bright people, but most MIT students are.

A lot of people know this one. Use a rubberband to hold down the trigger of the spray nozzle of the kitchen sink and point so that it will spray someone standing in front of the sink when they turn on the water. Making people wet makes them angry.

Funny, I've found that making people happy generally makes them wet.

I think it'd be funny if Mayor Nickels came out tomorrow and announced full-support for the PWC's no-rebuild plan, then unloaded the punchline and guffaws later that night. I'd love to see the look on ECB's face.

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