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Monday, March 6, 2006

Oscar Upset

Posted by on March 6 at 10:40 AM

For better or worse, I love the Oscars, and could spend the next six hours Slogging about last night’s affairs. But I’m on deadline for my goddamned column, so I must restrict my comments to these:

1. I do not like Crash (preachy, klutzy, Altman-lite hooey) but I understand why it won.

2. Yes, Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep were odd and delightful while bestowing an Honorary Oscar upon Robert Altman, and yes, Altman gave a wonderful speech. But all of the aforementioned delights were poisoned by the fact that the Academy was giving AN HONORARY OSCAR TO ROBERT FUCKING ALTMAN. In a world where both Kevin Costner and Mel Gibson have ACTUAL, project-specific Best Director Oscars, the notion of having to give Robert Altman an “honorary” Oscar makes me want to stab stab stab. (And when Martin Scorsese is eventually given HIS Honorary Oscar, I’m going to cry tears of blood.)

3. Putting all this Oscar drama in perspective is a terrifyingly hilarious press release I received this morning from a Conservative Christian author about last night’s parade of evil. Masochists may find it after the jump. (My fave bits: The repeated mistaken reference to lead actress Reese Witherspoon as a supporting actress—perhaps all women have supporting roles in the Christian Kingdom?—and the theory that Reese garnered the requisite votes for her Oscar win through strategic “Bush bashing.”) Enjoy!

For Best Family-Friendly Films

Blue States values were the big winners at this year's Academy Awards rewarding
blatant anti-family themes of homosexuality, prostitution, pimping, drugs, crime,
and the overall demonization of America as a bunch of bigots and oil mongers.
Virtually absent from the podium was anything supportive of hard work,
self-responsibility, charity, faith or family.

The two exceptions were that the supporting actress Oscar went to Reese Witherspoon,
who actually deserved the honor but probably won the extra votes necessary due to
her blatant real life Bush-bashing, and the best documentary going to a bunch of
penguins who were neither blue nor red. They were values neutral: black and white
but the fact that it was a pro-environmental film probably didn't hurt.

"Parents of America, unite! It's time for us to stand up against this filth,ā€¯ said
Bestselling children's author Katharine DeBrecht, who is "Chairmomā€¯ of the new Red
Carpet Red States' Film Awards, a kinder, gentler and refreshing pro-family
alternative to the Oscars.


BEST PICTURE: The Chronicles of Narnia (snubbed by the Oscars except for make-up)

Magnificent film based on the classic CS Lewis book about good versus evil, that
brings home the values of love, family, forgiveness and sacrifice.

Honorable Mention: Pride and Prejudice (snubbed by the Oscars)

Beautiful film about family and true love that explores the virtuous side of pride,
and the faulty side of pride that can result in unwarranted prejudices.


Phoenix portrays Johnny Cash in a brilliant film about the legendary singer which
does not glorify drugs and alcohol, but shows how addiction affects relationships
and careers.

ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE: Paul Giamatti — The Cinderella Man (snubbed by the Oscars)

Giamatti portrays the manager of real-life Depression era boxer, James J. Braddock,
in a moving film about love and devotion for family and following your dreams.

ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE: Reese Witherspoon — Walk the Line (Great actress but
big Bush-basher in real life)

Witherspoon portrays June Carter, long-time friend and wife of Johnny Cash,
struggling to keep her friend away from the damaging addictions that haunt him.

ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE: Rene Zellweger — The Cinderella Man (snubbed by Oscars)

Zellweger portrays Mae, the wife of James J. Braddock, a woman who places keeping
her family together in any hardship above all.

DOCUMENTARY: March of the Penguins (Great film but it's pro-environmental theme
didn't hurt it's chances at the Academy Awards)

Excellent documentary about penguins in Antarctica where fathers risk their lives
without food or water for 2 months to protect their offspring.

Quotes by Katharine DeBrecht regarding this year's Oscar picks:

"The movies garnering the most Oscar nominations included films about feature
sympathetic terrorists, gay cowboys, communist sympathizers, and transexuals. How
bad is Hollywood out of touch with mainstream values? None of the best picture
nominees were even in the top 20 highest grossing movies of last year!"

"Selecting Jon Stewart as its host only offers more proof that the Academy has taken
a turn to the far left. Stewart uses his show to attack President Bush nightly, and
he freely admits he voted for Democrat John Kerry in 2004. He once mocked a
Christian guest who was explaining intelligent design, saying he wanted to 'smoke a
bong' with him. Stewart is hardly a reflection of mainstream America, so in that
sense he was the perfect representative for Hollywood."

"It's time to roll out the Red State Red Carpet to high quality, family friendly
movies that the Oscars snubbed. Forget the gay cowboys -- let's tell Hollywood to
take a hike and talk about the movies that were truly the best of 2005."

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Holy christ, you weren't kidding about that press release. The only word I can think of for it is stultifying. It'd be interesting to see a breakdown of how movies that this group loves did in the box office of the red states vs. the movies that this group considers "out of touch with mainstream values."

And anyway, are these really "mainstream" values? Maybe living in Seattle has me all out-of-touch with my Kentucky white-trash heritage, but really? Still? "Smoke a bong"-style mocking is really what's getting in your craw? Social conservatives of this rarified nature just bewilder me.

Too funny! The two supporting actress nominees and no lead actress is hilarious. And the penguins, total environmentalist propoganda! So their bibles tell them to be anti-gay, but how on earth did they decide to be anti-environment? I understand that God is a homophobe, clearly, but is he also a rampant pollutor, or something? This lady would go to the mat for the right to keep a howitzer in the house too.

Righties loved "March of the Penguins" because they believe that it confirms their preference for monogamous self-sacrificing parents working together. What they neglect to notice, or celebrate, is that the penguins are only monogamous for a season; every year, after they go with their offspring to the sea, they split up and never see each other again. They pair up with new mates the following year. Also, they will readily team up with a new partner if the old one doesn't make it--even a same-sex partner if need be.

The really hilarious thing is that March of the Penguins assiduously avoided saying anything about global warming. I actually remember thinking that was weird, but maybe it was (shudder) shrewd.

Also, I liked that they were up in arms that "[Stewart]freely admits he voted for Democrat John Kerry in 2004." FREELY! Admits it freely! No torture required!! Are you sure he's not gay?? We have to beat people up in Utah to get them to admit they voted for Kerry.

"Zellweger portrays Mae, the wife of James J. Braddock, a woman who places keeping
her family together in any hardship above all."

Yeah, that's why she sent her kids away against Russell Crowe's wishes. Christ, they don't even pay attention to the movies they profess to like.

"The movies garnering the most Oscar nominations included films about feature
sympathetic terrorists, gay cowboys, communist sympathizers, and transexuals...."

Wait, what's a "feature sympathetic terrorist"? Is that, like, French for "handsome terrorist," or something? Shouldn't it be feature-sympathique terroriste then?

"terrorists, gay cowboys, communist sympathizers, and transexuals"

Sounds like the America I live in.

(althought I do want the terrorist impeached)

My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty....

I'm surprised they didn't complain about Jon Stewart being Jewish, because, you know, Billy Crystal is such a gentile.

Fnarf, your post seems to assume that the monogamy being celebrated implies permanence. From my viewpoint, it seems conservatives have no problem people replacing their mates every few years. The affairs just have to be serial, not parallel.

Also not apparently frowned upon: Middle-aged and older men switching to much young women that they professional authority over.

Here are some morally objectionable top-grossing movies:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: It's about the occult, devil worship. How dare Hollywood promote this filth!

War of the Worlds: Hollywood continues to insist that there are other intelligent species in the universe. Why can't they admit that humans are the chosen of God and, therefore, the only sentient life?

King Kong: Bestiality.

Wedding Crashers: Pre-marital sex, gay characters

Hitch: Same

Saw II: Well actually, this is ok. Extreme violence is fine as long as there's no sex.

I think if the members of this group really looked at the top grossing movies, they might not be too happy with Mainstream America. I'm not either, but that's because I'm appalled at Mainstream America's bad taste.

Did anyone else enjoy George Clooney's big "fuck you" to Hollywood's critics?

Those sons of bitches are worse spellers than Dan Savage, and worse punctuators than Josh Feit.


Oh shap! Jon Stewart "freely admits" that he voted for John Kerry? I didn't know we were hiding the fact that we might have voted for one of the two candidates available at the polls. Have him shot.

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