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Thursday, March 30, 2006

It’s a Blue Country After All

Posted by on March 30 at 14:55 PM

Via Sullivan


Whatever happened to all those Red States?

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I'm no geography whiz, but it appears everyone has bailed on him except for Utah, Wyoming and Alabama.

Shit, even Idaho doesn't like him as much anymore.

What, Wyoming. The movies so lie. I was led to believe the state was full of gay cowboys. Sigh.

2 years ago you demurely slimed & maligned "the shithole of Wyoming," home of cowboy homeboy Dick Cheney. Glad to see the Cowboy State has kept the red-state faith despite its queer-eye makeover for Bareback Mtn.

I love that Arkansas has gone more blue than Washington. Of course, they've probably lost half the kids in their state in Iraq.

Tim - I hope you are not thinking Republican cock does not get hard in Wyoming...... yes, cowboy action abounds, queer action in general.

You just have to work the turf the old fashioned way, it ain"t a big city at all.

This map is going on my wall -- HOPE in 2006.

R s may have just lost every immigant and close to immigrant in the USA.

Swing vote in many states. Interesting how the giant demos have not been fully reported in MSM - amazing energy and strength.

I'm struck at how light blue Washington is and how Ohio, a key win for the President's re-election, is now as disapproving as the northeast and California.

My how times have changed.

Surreality Check: George Quincy Bush could lose another 1/3 - 1/2 of his last-ditch support & still be more popular than Peanut Jimmy Carter was in 1979.

yeah right.. Trust me, Bush has plenty of support.

Freak states are pink! ha ha!

How's this for a reality check? Carter took 41 percent of the popular vote in 1980, and that's with Anderson taking 7 percent of the vote that would have gone to Carter. Bush is still more unpopular than Carter, although is not as unpopular as Nixon.

There should be another color in addition to blue and red, like white, which would be more accurate, and mean simply: not-Republican. That's where most of America is. Even the so-called Democrats.

Goddamn shame the map didn't look like this 18 months ago.

According to the B-I-B-L-E, also known as the New York Times, Jimmy Peanut took the Gold, Silver, & Bronze for the worst approval numbers in the history of Pres polling. August 1979: 20% approved. Quincy Bush at the moment is somewhere between 34% and 39%, depending on the usual unreliable sources. (Only Blasty McBirdshot, as Stephanie calls him, is lower than Carter, but Cheney doesn't have a real job aside from getting us into wars we can't win & can't end.)

Another surreality check: George Quincy Bush is the first president or presidential candidate since 1988 to win more than half the pop vote. He did it in 2004. Balckwell & Diebold didn't steal it, despite what whiny Erin Hart used to say.

More: "AS NIALL FERGUSON REMINDS US in Colossus, after peaking at 81 percent in the middle of 1950, Truman's approval rating plummeted to 26 percent in early 1951. The main cause of both the rise and fall was Korea. The patriotic lift Truman enjoyed after coming to South Korea's defense in late June 1950 was short-lived. By the time midterm elections rolled around in November of that year, the body bags were streaming back across the Pacific." - Alan Dowd

Jimmy Carter was never highly popular as president, but his low ratings in 1979 were mostly because of the secret and illegal deals that the GOP worked out so that Iran would NOT release any American hostages as long as Carter was U.S. President.

For anyone too young to recall, look up the 1980s Iran Contra arms-for-hostages scandal and notice how many current Bush administration members were coincidentally involved or convicted.

Gary Sick's (sic) theory about an October Surprise was debunked & discredited almost 15 years ago. Check it, as they say out. And note that an October Surprise in 1980 would not have retroactively quagmired Carter in August 1979. Carter mired himself in quagmire; he didn't need anyone to do it for him.

Just because the nation doesn't like Bush doesn't mean they like the Democrats.

As Janis Joplin used to say, I got dem ol' red-state blues again, Mama, but Quincy Bush is the man with a master plan & a happy pill. In Y2K he promised to bring us together, & he's followed through. Look at the map.

4 out of 5 gay sheepherders in Wyoming would still rather be red than dead (as noted, it's about the only red state left), but the rest of America is now united by its hatred. Thanks, Dub, from Blue Hawaii & blue Arizona & blue California & ...

... blue Montana. Since Montana Syndrome is in the news this week, thanks to Kyle Huff, consider that the day before yesterday Montana was the place where red-blooded rednecks had the right to drink, drive, shoot, ****, and fight, all at the same time. Now, like Washington, it's been Californicated by Fat Cat 'Crats who have made jobs too cheap to pay for homes that are now too high to buy. In short, liberal aliens have made Montana into Marin County or Seattle. It has a 'Crat governor, a mostly 'Crat legislature, & will soon boot Abramoff Burns for another 'Crat senator.

Jared Diamond wrote a book about some of this. He says that Montana "civilization" as we know it is collapsing from its own internal contradictions. No great loss, perhaps, but before the lights go out on Whitefish & Two Dot, collapsing Montana will contribute to the re-emerging Democrat insurgency, all because of the internal contradictions of George Bush. His failure is not yet as abject as Jimmy Carter's was or as Truman's seemed to be, but he's workin' on it, workin' hard. He's abstracted the failing characteristics of every failed president of the last century. That 'JC' monogram on Bush's cowboy shoes doesn't stand for Jesus Chrust; it stands for Jimmy Carter, & that's not a compliment.

Bush is stuck on studid & is below the last-ditch bitter-end base of support that, said an obscene politician named Lyndon Johnson, any politician could count on unless he was caught with a dead girl or a live boy. Let the blues begin. Laissez les bon temps rouller, as they used to say in the 9th Ward before Bush was blown away by a Force 5 hurricane.

Even if most of the country doesn't approve of him, 51% would probably re-elect him again tomorrow. Unfortunately, even though he's done so many heinous things and he's bringing the country to its ruination, there would still be enough of a majority that would vote for him, just because he's a Born-Again and he's against all those mighty important issues (gun-control, abortion, gays). Someone please send the man a ginormous box of dry, dry, pretzels...

Izzy, I think the real reason Bush would still get 51% of the vote today is because the candidate the Democrats run against him simply comes across as an inferior leader.

It doesn't really matter if the democrats can't present a suitable presidential canidate.Again. Right, PMRC Gore and Kerry were ever going to win the country *wink*.

i love when the media talks about the latest poll with the headline, "what americans think of the president." shouldn't the headline be "what POLLTAKERS think of the president?"

who is at home during the day answering their phone and taking these polls? unemployed people, perhaps?

& what's the matter with Kansas? When did Doleville turn blue?

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