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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fuck South Dakota

Posted by on March 22 at 12:46 PM

Notice to those of you glued to Slog who neglect to read the rest of The Stranger’s website: The author of “Fuck Christmas,” “Fuck the South,” and “Fuck The ‘New York Times’” has a brand-new diatribe for the pro-life zealots in SD.

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my new bumper sticker.

Since I am not talented in an artistic way, and don't personally know where to find such an item...where might one procure a bumper sticker with the new South Dakota emblem on it?

I don't know where to get the bumper sticker, but I do know where you can get a "Choose Life" license plate... Head on down to Tennessee.

I'd rather buy a UW license plate, and do some good ...

Thank you Seattle98104, but I was referring to the one with the coat hanger. I think I would like one of the Fuck South Dakota ones as well though.

heh heh

give me five minutes ...

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