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Monday, February 6, 2006

Totally Hot

Posted by on February 6 at 17:27 PM

This guy (pictured below) wants to know whether “Christopher Frizzelle and Brendan Kiley are totally hot.”


What should we tell him?

CommentsRSS icon anyone TOTALLY hot? Besides Jesus?

For mere mortals, both Brendan and Christopher are on the spicier end of the hot spectrum--if we're talking Thai, they're definitely at least three out of four stars.

But which one is HOTTER?

That's a question that can only be answered via a sexy underwear WRASSLIN' MATCH...

Well, it would certainly be more interesting than watching Muedede battle a mid-sized dog.


I am totally freaking out about how that guy probably has ants or spiders or worse on his ankles. Have you seen the inside of those old growth trunks? Ewwww.

I think you should tell him the name of your attorney.

I think you should tell him that nature is totally passe, and that Brendan and Christopher, being city boys, completely agree. Then you should ask him to send you a new picture, with the focus being urbanity.

let's just say that their trendy and stylish garb cover a multitude of sins

Writing as the proud owner (via a gift from a friend with a sense of humor) of the Strangercrombie prize "15-D", the art film which chronicled a day in the life of Christopher Frizzelle's honkin' feet, I think you should tell this guy that he should attend the public viewing of "15-D" that will be announced sometime soon. Then he can discern more accurately whether Mr. Frizzelle is "TOTALLY hot".

What should we tell him?

How about "if he keeps standing there he'll get termites in his trousers"?

Last time I saw Frizzelle, he was sweating. I therefore deduce that he is WAY HOTT.

totes hot, on both counts.
s.t. raightman

There is a video of a books writer's feet? Stop the presses!

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