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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Re: Because Christmas Wasn’t Enough

Posted by on February 7 at 16:43 PM

Regarding Brad’s earlier post

When we got this group’s press release today at 10-something announcing a demonstration at noon today—might want to get those press releases out a little earlier next time, kids—we thought it might be bullshit. Here’s the group’s website. I didn’t want to waste my time on it, but I’m always happy to waste a photographer’s time. So we sent one down to Westlake. Lo and behold, the group gathered and protested…


Be mine—hilarious.

Oh, and it looks like TV people came. Maybe we’ll see Jean Enerson discussing the anti-See’s activists tonight on King 5…


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Those people really need to get laid. I mean, I thought I really needed to get laid, but those people REALLY need to get laid.

At most universities, in physical anthropology classes, humans are oftentimes referred to as "highly advanced primates." (Of course, maybe not so highly advanced, considering we still fight wars for resources and over metaphysical concepts.) So, as primates, we are going to want to exercise that part of our nature which is sexual.
Reigning that urge back in extremis, results in some pretty odd behavior and/or guilt over what was once called "impure thoughts" in the old Catholic church and oftentimes, unwanted pregnancies.
Of course, trying to convince people who are preaching abstinance of any of that is a futile task. If nothing else, it makes for some good photos to fill the "news hole."

most of those abstinence supporters are probably sleeping with their youth couneslers.

you know it's true.

I'm strangely reminded of the protest march that George Michael went to with his Christian Kook girlfriend Ann, protesting the sexy movie about cousins in love that George Michael's cousin Maybe made, but since George Michael was in fact in love with his own cousin Maybe, he carried the greatest protest sign of all time:


I want to make one and follow the guy who wants to make love to White Jesus around.

homegirl in the pink should put that healthy rack to use and go get some.

what a waste of teenage lust.

"I believe that religion, generally speaking, has been a curse to mankind that its modest and greatly overestimated services on the ethical side, have been more overcome by the damage it has done to clear and honest thinking." - H.L. Mencken

I've been trying awfully damned hard to lay off the chocolate - harvesting of the beans shouldn't be done by enslaved kiddies. But these people sure provide an easy incentive to eat, be merry and fat!

And isn't the "Be Mine" poster a rip off of the "Uncle Sam Wants YOU!" poster?

God, I want chocolate!

In front of the Hallmark store, naturally!

I was thinking the same thing about the girl in the pink. She's got it, she almost kind of flaunts it (but when they're that smokin', it's kind of hard not to). She'll feel immense relief when she puts it to safe use with someone who appreciates and reciprocates.

What, no burning embassies? What kind of righteous believers ARE they?!

Getting back the sweater girl: Isn't showing pink a sin when protesting for abstinence?

Was your camera person around when the protest turned violent and the Catholic Youth Brigade began throwing stones and petrol bombs? Apparently the Hallmark Security Forces had to spray the crowd with chalky, candy bullets. Girl in pink was able to protect three other protestors by selflessly using her tremendous rack to deflect the barrage. Unfortunately, a small child was "called to 'Be Mine' with Jesus" when an IED exploded as a See's Candy APC arrived on the scene.


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