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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

The Cover of Wax Poetics

Posted by on February 7 at 17:19 PM

It ain’t the cover of the Rolling Stone, but it’s probably a more prestigious honor that has been granted to the Mizell Brothers, who wrote and produced a helluva lot of music that’s been sampled by loads of hiphop producers. Among crate-diggers and beat-seekers, they are revered figures. (One of said brothers also happened to father The Stranger’s hiphop columnist, Larry Mizell Jr., who, as far as I know, hasn’t been sampled… yet.) The Mizells are on the cover of what has become my favorite music magazine, Wax Poetics.

This bi-monthly glossy is essential reading for lovers of jazz, funk, soul, reggae, dub, psychedelia, world music, and fusions thereof; its writers are seriously obsessed with their usually obscure subjects and they’re allowed to probe deeply into their obsessions. Issue 15 should be on stands now. It’s also worth it for a fantastic interview with producer extraordinaire David Axelrod.

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