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Thursday, February 2, 2006

Puppy chow?

Posted by on February 2 at 12:35 PM

Mighty Mix dog food just offered to send Kenya a donation of 6,000 emergency packs of dog food to feed starving children.

Kenya declined the offer because Africans are not dogs. In fact, being equated with dogs is pretty fucking insulting (surprise!). They aren’t even kept as pets.

“The offer was very naive and culturally insulting given the meaning of dogs in our culture,” said government spokesman Alfred Mutua.

According to the article, four million people are facing hunger in Kenya due to severe drought. Aid agencies say dozens of people and thousands of livestock have died in recent months.
Here’s a thought: Why don’t we offer them people food?

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How pathetically stupid can we get? It blows the mind to think that someone even suggested it, let alone the fact that someone approved the offer.


I got nothing for this one.


Hey, beggars can't be choosers!
If I was starving to death, I'd eat some dog chow.

Jonfo's right, and it's not just starving people who enjoy Puppy Chow. As anyone who's seen "Showgirls" knows, established Las Vegas dancers frequently partake of the Chow as well...

On one hand, fuck the Kenyan fuckers for being idiots. It's a mixture of meat, corn, and vitamins. IT DOESN'T CONTAIN ANY ACTUAL DOG.

On the other hand, fuck the dog food company for not realizing what a PR disaster this would be.

"Not so desperate as to eat dog food". . . yeah. . . let's ask the starving people about that.

If it was made from dogs, they probably would have accepted it.

Don't be an asshole, Fnarf.

In some ways, I've been waiting my whole life to type that very sentence...

Being an asshole is what I do.

But that's a very peculiar ambition you've had there. I'm glad I was able to help you to fulfilment.

What I meant was, if it was made FROM dogs, instead of FOR dogs, it wouldn't have been insulting. The piece mentioned that Kenyans don't keep dogs as pets, so what's the, er, beef?

I think I remember a story about the Russian military being in such a fuckup state financially in the mid-late '90s that some little unit of soldiers got fed dog food for a very short while.

Not that this is any better, but the woman who made the food, made a version of it specifically for humans (although it is based on a recipe for her dog biscuits). In a video on New Zealand television, she was even shown eating the stuff. The initial shipment was coming from her plant in New Zealand, but she planned on setting up a plant in Kenya and having it made there.

Here's an idea. Why don't they sell the dog food they were going to donate and then send the proceeds to an ngo working in Kenya?'s a dog food company. if they were to make any food donations, i would expect it to be of the dog kind..

I can understand why it would be considered demeaning, but I highly doubt that any parent would prefer that their daughter/son die. Augusten Burroughs has a funny story about eating dog food as a kid where he commented that it actually tasted pretty good.

If she really wanted to help she'd open up a plant there. Kenyans need jobs more than they need handouts.

WELL --- let us just get a bit grounded all you citified inbred shril posters.

Take the pellets and feed them to the goats.

FNARF, she does plan on opening the plant in Kenya (via my post above). The initial shipment is coming from New Zealand because there is no plant set up yet. However, she plans on opening a plant and sourcing as much of the product locally in Kenya - providing jobs and a farming market as the drought eases.

Hope you come back soon!!

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