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Thursday, February 2, 2006

I’m such a fool…

Posted by on February 2 at 12:31 PM

Honestly. Daniel V. is GAY!? I mean, I sorta (okay, totally) knew it, but I was in denial because I’m a woman and he’s a man and I really wanted it to work between us. But no. We find out last night, he is indeed gay and he came out to his parents last year and his ex-girlfriend still doesn’t know (she does now!).

Lucky girl.

Either way, I’m glad my Danny got immunity for the next challenge… at least I have that to celebrate.

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Okay, I stayed in last night to finally watch this show that a fifth of the office has gone gaga for, and I have to say: yawn. Not much drama... too much leaf-gluing. Andre was the sweetest eye candy, and now he's gone. Anyway, don't get cable for this one.

santino is bi. . .

Wow, Daniel V. is really a late bloomer nowadays as far as 'coming out' goes.

Santino=bi>> he he :D

BTW--wouldn't adding male models make the show more perfect? First up, Speedos!

IF you check on the website (, he complains about not being able to get a proper haricut and tan before the show.... What? No, I beg of you, leave the shaggy hair and pasty skin alone.

I don't care if he is gay. Danny V. in bed with Savage (turn about is fair play mister) has now become my top-shelf-fag-hag fantasy. MMMMMMMM........

Yeah, our entire viewing party was shocked also. We called him "strokes haircut" and just assumed he was some NYC scenester dude.

Isn't that haircut called a shag?

Is there a single man on the show this season who isn't gay? I mean, come on, even last-season-visitor Robert is just barely hanging onto the last shred of his heterosexuality.

And you called yourself a PR fan?

Actually, there was an article right before the season started, featuring the 7 gay men of PR (which doesn’t include Tim Gunn, but does include orange-tie-dyed dress boy).

Which makes me wonder, is Daniel Franco not gay, or did he just not open up to The Advocate?

supposedly, daniel f was the only straight one. but he was obviously the creepiest one.

I’m sorry, but I have to think of him as a REALLY late bloomer (as in later than Daniel V). Daniel F, a straighty? I just can’t imagine that. Of course, I can’t imagine getting it on w/anyone, so I guess that kills my speculation. Maybe he was asexual.

I had assumed that Daniel Vvvroom was straight as a nail, too... until I watched his audition video. Sweet mother of god, he was a ballet dancer. And I'm not even going to start with the total camp of him introducing his dress forms.

You know, I'd like to pull for the male breeders on the show, but when all we get is Robert and Daniel "make the same dress every week" Franco...

Daniel F. came across as straight to me and yes, rather creepy. And truly, truly annoying.

Daniel V. is great, but Nick's still my fave, although Chloe is growing on me.

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