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Monday, February 6, 2006

Post-Superbowl Diet Aid

Posted by on February 6 at 9:49 AM

According to USA Today, many Super Bowl viewers scarf down more than 3,000 calories during the game, with nutritionists blaming the communal gorging on “nervous snacking.”

Whatever the cause, here’s something to help you counteract your Super Bowl stuffing. If there’s a better appetite suppressant than Burger King’s splashy new Whopperettes commercial, I don’t know what it is.

(Granted, I’m a homosexual vegetarian, making me the last person a hamburger made out of women should appeal to. Still, that lady gussied up as a grilled all-beef patty makes me never want to eat anything again. Thanks, Burger King!)

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What? I can't see the video. Am mystified.

Bleh! I too am a homo-veggie type but that is beyond gross! Weird how they fall upon one another (and are smothered?) as the burger is being built.

And wash that people-Whopper down with some "brown and bubbly" Diet Pepsi! Bleah.

That BK commercial was the single gayest commercial in Super Bowl History. Put in, I assume, for my brother Dan.

But I dont think it was real. I think it was just a commercial. Their burgers are not really made out of a pile of ladies. Well, lady cows, maybe.

Anyway, what I liked was the song. The "Have it Your Way" song. 'Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, your stupid order won't upset us . . ..'

One of the most revered folk hymns of my people.

Bill, wasn't the old BK commercial featuring Hootie (or blowfish, one or the other) aired during the superbowl last year? I think that commercial handily trumps the meat ladies in terms of gayness.

BTW, everyone hated that ad. Why? I thought it was a riot.

Also any volkswagen ad is instantly gayer than any BK ad regardless of content.

I too thought that was one of the gayest ads I've ever seen. Showgirls and a sing & dance number, and a guy with a cheap plastic head? What on earth made them think the average superbowl watcher would dig that? Honestly, I was thinking they must have run the wrong tape.

I like an occasional hamburger, but that meat lady kind of turned my stomach. The girls falling together looked like a car wreck. And the plastic head looked like a high school project.

Hands down the worst commercial of the superbowl.

But... we're all talking about it the next day, no? Which is what they want, yes? So it's really the best ad...

new speak: worst = best

No, the best ad was clearly the one where the smoking chimp lit his cigar with a wad of bills.

The commercial was hilarious and a highlight of the day. More disturbing remains their "King Kong"-sized burger which looks, although I haven't seen one in person (I saw it on a commercial that I'm STILL thinking about), ginormous.

And people ask why I don't have a television....

The Burger King ad was the only one that didn't feature people being hurt for laughs.

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