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Monday, February 6, 2006

Winning Isn’t Everything

Posted by on February 6 at 10:00 AM

Yes, losing your first shot at the Super Bowl is a little like getting dumped at prom, but sometimes winning, by bringing attention your otherwise shameful life, is even more humiliating. Take the sad case of Jimmy Sturr, the fourteen-time Grammy winner who still lives with his parents and looks, according to the New York Times, like Regis Philbin. Poor bastard.

Or Steelers fans like this jackass, who should have to go through life with a bucket on his head:

Jay Adams, 30, of Atlantic City, N.J., promised his girlfriend Kimberly Pascarelli that he’d marry her last night if the Steelers won. During the game, however, Pascarelli, 28, said Adams began hitting on other women, so she dumped him.
“But I’m OK with that, because the Steelers won and that’s all that counts,” said Pascarelli, of Philadelphia, who lived in Pittsburgh for six years.

(From, whatever the hell that is.)