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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

More on The Sonics’ 6th Man…

Posted by on February 8 at 12:23 PM

Here’s a smart presentation about the the city’s financial relationship with the Sonics by city council legislative staff.

Inside the link, click on: “Parks, Education, Libraries, and Labor Committee 2/1/2006” and then fast forward to about 38:00 on the streaming video.

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Mr Badass lapdog:
Name the name!

Who's the Team Nickels staffer you are seeing on Thursday?

Oh no, Josh meets with politicians?! Oh my god, scandal! I mean, political writers shouldn't meet with politicians, that would be horrible.

Shit Nemo, get a clue. Journalists meet with all sort of people they don't mention. It's part of being informed. Now if Josh didn't meet with the insiders weekly like some poltical writers in town, I would start to doubt what he has to say. Fortunately, because Josh and Erica actually talk to poltical insiders in the city daily, we Stranger readers get a lot of info on City poltics not being provided elsewhere.

So good job Josh, keep up the insider reporting.

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