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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

King Eulogists to Bush: You Suck

Posted by on February 7 at 15:26 PM

Thanks to Rev. Joseph Lowery and former President Jimmy Carter, the absurdity of George W. Bush attending and speaking at the funeral of a civil rights leader didn’t pass unnoticed.

Speakers took a rare opportunity to criticize U.S. President George W. Bush’s policies to his face at the funeral on Tuesday of Coretta Scott King, widow of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

Civil-rights leader the Rev. Joseph Lowery and former President Jimmy Carter cited Mrs. King’s legacy as a leader in her own right and advocate of nonviolence as they launched barbs over the Iraq war, government social policies and Bush’s domestic eavesdropping program.

Reverend Lowery received a standing ovation for this poem…

She extended Martin’s message against poverty, racism and war / She deplored the terror inflicted by our smart bombs on missions way afar

We know now there were no weapons of mass destruction over there / But Coretta knew and we knew that there are weapons of misdirection right down here / Millions without health insurance. Poverty abounds. For war billions more but no more for the poor.

More like this, please.

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I was listening to Bush on the radio this morning and wondering what on earth he was doing there and how one could protest his presence without disrupting the funeral and disrespecting her (i.e., not by standing up and shouting "liar, liar" at him).

The Senior Bush was there, too. As I recall he voted against the Civil Rights Act in 1965. He's got some nerve.

The remaining Kings are not blameless, either. They held this funeral in a church run by a stridently anti-gay-rights preacher, and daughter Bernice is a prominent anti-gay-rights activist. Her brothers have been taking six-figure salaries out of Dr. King's foundation for years, and allowing it to fall to pieces; the building is falling down, and Dr. King's papers have been damaged by neglect.

What a disgusting display of intolerance and bad taste, hijacking that poor woman's funeral to take cheap politically motivated shots at our President. Celebrating this ugly episode merely exposes your hypocrisy, and goes against everything M. L. King stood for.

yeah. it was a FUNERAL. For Coretta Scott King. put that other shit on hold for just one day!

Shades of the Paul Wellstone funeral.

What is it about 'rats who turn rallies into funerals, and funerals into rallies?

This just goes to further the truth that the left not only has no ideas, but has no class, either...

starboardhelm and kate, et al,
oh stuff it. c.s.k. never gave up and she used her husband's life, death, and memory to advance all kinds of things, including queer rights. she damn well wouldn't have wanted g.w.b standing over her dead body sermonizing, let alone for it to happen and go unchallenged. she had decorum *and* courage, and she didn't mistake social manners for human dignity.

Interestingly, the elder Bush was never a Senator. He was a Representative from Texas' 7th from 1966 - 1970. He twice ran for the Senate making an issue of the incumbent Texas Senator's support of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. This coming at a time when more Democrats voted against the Civil Rights Act than did Republicans.

And, as Kate said, it was a fucking funeral so can we put aside the bullshit for one day. This country has enough problems already...

Well, you liberals and sorry Democrats were on full display at the C. King funeral. Can't help yourselves, huh? Politicizing her funeral only further demonstrated your bafoonery and ass-clown behaviour. Go ahead, keep it up! We love it!

Did you hear how stupid Bill Clinton sounded?

Why can't funerals be funerals? Why do politicos feel they have a right to bloviate? I'm talking the whole batch here.

If it was Martin Jr., then okay, but family members? Rosa Parks? Go for it, but for the wife of Jr., I don't think so.

A funeral for a political activist features political activism. Imagine that. Are we supposed to ignore her life's work?

Right. Assholes who both didn't know her personally and worked against her would obviously know better how to memorialize her life. Not.

If it had been a funeral for a soldier who died in Iraq and someone spoke about how the soldier believed in his mission, would you be decrying the "politicalization" of that? Or would you be cheering it on?

I must've missed the manufactured outrage when John McCain brought up politics at Barry Goldwater's funeral.

swatter, et. al,
do you really not know that coretta scott king did more in the world than be m.l.k's wife? really?

do you not know that she spent time in jail for her *action? that she lived a politically engaged life until her death? that she and m.l.k. were initially drawn to one another because politics and activism were ideals they shared? do you not realize that the dignity of her life came from *acting* in accordance with her beliefs and not just thinking smart, smug thoughts from inside her home, while complaining about the poor manners of people doing something to create change?

the people who spoke were asked to speak because they were her friends and family. her friends and family are political because she had lived a political life.

did you hear the speeches? because i did and they were astonishingly good; brilliant testements to the life she lived beginning to end, and not just as a wifey. the words were those of people who actually knew her, the real person, and not people who believed they knew her because they had heard of her husband.

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