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Thursday, February 9, 2006

Is It Wrong…

Posted by on February 9 at 15:52 PM

….that I find this more offensive than any blasphemous cartoon?

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that made me salivate for both that asshole's death AND a burger!

I'd go behead the author, but my adipose has fused with the sofa.

What is it with some people that, not only do they loathe fat people, but they can't just look away? I'm not too enamored with people with bad personal hygiene, but I do my best to breathe shallowly until I can get away. If watching a fat person eating disgusts you, then don't watch them!

that post made me crave a giant burger or something similar. MMM FATTY FOODS.

Wow... that's is some high class "fatty-bating." Do you *really* think that? Or are you being blindly provacitive? Gee, I don't know which is more annoying and misguided.

In my free speech loving mood (thanks to, ahem, some cartoons), keep talking asshole, I love knowing who I need to stay the hell away from.

My theory: People who have gorging personalities see the vulnerability behind the eaters and loathe that vulnerability. I don't know why. Can't help but think that they see something of themselves in that vulnerability, and it troubles them.

Hey, if folks love food, they're free to eat. Fatties don't offend me—although fatties were, some of them, offended by my chapter on fat culture in Skipping Towards Gomorrah. People are free to assume risks if they decide the pleasure derived from said risks is worth it—and, yes, I include gay sex in that equation. Gay sex is riskier than straight sex, and gay people have to accept that. Similarly, fat people who love to eat have to accept the health risks and lower desirability factor that comes with being obese.

But, hey, if a fat chick or dude wants to chow down in public, more fucking power to ‘em.

People can do whatever they want if it doesn't hurt anyone, but it's still gross. It's the same way chewing tobacco and spitting in a paper cup is gross, or drinking until you pass out on the sidewalk is gross, or having unprotected sex with a bunch of strangers is gross.

Eating huge amounts of bacon double cheeseburgers and brownies will kill you faster than any of those things (combined probably), so yes, it deserves to be looked down upon.

PS I just finished Skipping Towards Gomorrah and it was great!! I hope some nicer people read your book too.

But you gotta let people make their own choices—right? What to eat, what to... draw, publish, read, think?

Speaking of Skipping to Gomorrah, at least the fatty in the I, Anonymous post isn't afraid to eat in public. Many fat people, especially women, are terrified to eat in public, as evidenced in the book. I guess they think that pretending not to want to eat will make the rest of us think that their obesity is just a coincidence.

I'm trying to figure out exactly what is gross about fat people eating. I suppose if they were sloppily shoveling way too much food into their dripping mouths, making a mess everywhere, that it would be kind of gross to witness. But most people don't behave that way in public, fat or skinny. Maybe the guy's rant could've been about table manners. That would make more sense.

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