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Thursday, February 9, 2006


Posted by on February 9 at 15:51 PM

So far, 8 U.S. newspapers have reprinted some of Jyllands-Posten’s Muhammad cartoons.

In Chronological order:

1) The New York Sun (Feb 2) (2 Cartoons)

2) Riverside Press Enterprise (California) (Feb 3) (1 cartoon)

3) Austin American-Statesman (Feb 3) (1 cartoon)

4) Philadelphia Inquirer (Feb 4) (1 cartoon)

5) Denver Rocky Mountain News (Feb 7) (1 cartoon)

6) Victorville Daily Press (California) (Feb 8) (1 cartoon)

7) The Stranger (Feb 9) (4 cartoons)

8) Daily Illini (Newspaper of the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana) (Feb 9) (6 cartoons)

81 papers have have reprinted them worldwide. The Stranger was the 77th to do so.

Tres controversial.

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Eat dust, Seattle Weekly!

Stranger prints cartoon, but Josh won't say who he's drinking with tonight?

C'mon Josh, Mr. Badass: let us know who is your controller.

Who's feeding you spin so you're busy on the small stuff, Mr. Badass?

It's not a secret: council staff know, Team Nickels knows, you've invited people to join you and find out. You're not protecting a "source." You're protecting Mr. Badass Lap Dog. You tool!

This is your favorite subject, Josh: you. Tell us! And tell us at length: spare no details! It's about you!

Oh my god it's YOU again. THis was kinda funny the first 17 times it showed up in SLOG comments, but no more. why don't you just go join him like he invited you to and see for yourself and then SHUT THE HELL UP already!

I'm proud to be a Stranger reader. That's about all I have to say about that.

Dear JOSH_IS_A_LAPDOG: the aluminum foil goes shiny side out.

Josh's meetings with city hall staffers, sources, and insiders, are staged to draw attention away from my weekly meetings with Andrew Sullivan, Michelle Malkin, and the Illuminati...

Holy shit! My hometown's cookie-cutter excuse for a local newspaper the Riverside Press Enterprise was the second paper in the nation to show some balls on the Mohammed cartoons?! I'm seriously impressed!

Not that I'll ever go back there. It's like being from Tatooine, but without the cool Jedi powers...

Hey, we would have been first if our print schedule had timed up right. I think, if my blog posts about this stuff counted, we might have been the first paper to post the pics—not the first American blog, but the first American blog-that's-an-extension-of-an-American-newspaper.

are you a Daily Illini alum, Dan?

I am... first op-ed I ever wrote ran in the DI.

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