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Sunday, February 5, 2006

A Silver Lining

Posted by on February 5 at 15:06 PM

Muslim crybabies—how else can they be described?—set fire to the Danish consulate in Beirut today. One bit of good news:

One protester, among those who set the consulate on fire in Beirut, was encircled by flames and died after jumping from the third floor. Police fired tear gas to disperse the protest involving thousands of people.

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The Guardian UK reported that the The Arab-European League published a cartoon on its website showing Ann Frank in bed with Hitler. I have to admit I did not check their website myself because 1)I know the author and publisher won't be punished 2) I know I have no recourse for my anger. Im other words unlike Mulims, who claim they are subject to a double standard, they can defame the shit out of me with impuny and I am still expected to act within certain boudaries. While when they are offended... well we've seen the end result over and over

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