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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

re: Unsolved Mysteries

Posted by on January 3 at 11:10 AM

Adrian responds:

my. how dreadfully tiresome. thank you ever-so for your comments on my somewhat funny column; if you actually read it with any frequency whatsover (or, er, even twice maybe), you clearly understand that not only am i gay, but desperately, cataclysmically gay. you’d also understand that i possess as little problem with the word fag as i do kike and/or nigger, and have used all of them at my discretion, often, in both their delightful noun and adjective forms. which you’d also know. if you ever read it more than enough to bitch to the editors. you might do well to remember the words of confucious: “it is as great a sin to take offense as it is to give it.” huzzah.

adrian ryan

p.s.—fat chick, fat chick. jew.