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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Unsolved Mysteries

Posted by on January 3 at 9:54 AM

A Stranger reader wants to know…

Adrian Ryan writes a somewhat funny column for your paper.  However, in the latest issue she refers to Elton John’s partner as a “creepy-looking fag.” My question is: Is Adrian Ryan gay?  If not, what gives him the right to use the word “fag” in this manner? I look forward to reading about “creepy looking niggers” and “creepy looking kikes” in your future publications.

Is Adrian Ryan gay? Does anyone know? Let’s get our best reporter on this and dig up an answer for this somewhat clueless reader.

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Is the Pope a former Hitler Youth? Do bears shit in the woods?

My long time fantasy has been mating with Adrian Ryan and giving birth to the funniest joke in the world.

However, he is roughly the size and shape of a china doll, and doesn't respond well to the sight of my naked breasts.

Which of course means he's a total fag.

I would totally gaybash this extremely idiotic "Stranger reader."
Adrian Ryan is gayer than I could ever dream of being... and I dream big.

Wasn't Adrian Ryan's column the one that a. birch steen said nothing about for like, a whole year, but "too gay"?

At any rate, I can't even think of a euphemism which aptly describes Adrian's white hot gayness.

Oh and some friends and I were actually debating this independent of Adrian's column a few weeks ago. Is David Furnish a creepy looking fag, or are most British fags just a little creepy looking? We came up with much evidence to support both theories.

Related questions: Does one need to be gay to see Cienna's naked breasts? Does someone have a show tunes compilation cd that I could borrow?

I think Elton John's partner is a creepy looking nigger.

Best comments thread ever!

charles, i'm siccing samson, davey d and farrahkhan on you. for shame, bruhman.

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