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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Come (Again) As You Are

Posted by on January 4 at 12:35 PM

Because you can never get enough of Nirvana, a new documentary is in the works, with filming already underway in Kurt Cobain’s Aberdeen, Washington hometown. NME reports that the film will be narrated by Cobain himself. Huh?

“The film is based on a series of interviews that [Come As You Are author] Michael Azerrad conducted with Kurt while researching the book. There are more than 25 hours of these audio interviews in all, none of which have been heard before by anyone,” director AJ Schnack told NME.COM.

“I worked with Michael to cull an approximately 95-minute audio track from these interviews. While I’m not sure that ‘narrated’ is exactly the right word, you will be listening in on conversations between Kurt and Michael, with Kurt telling his life story for that book. There are no additional interviews with other figures from Kurt’s life, just Kurt speaking, with an occasional question or comment from Michael.”

The other members of Nirvana are not involved with the currently untitled film, which is set to be screened at various film festivals next autumn.

Schnack added: “It pretty much covers his whole life leading-up to the interviews with the emphasis being more on him and his general take on things rather than on general band developments. We’re not using any archival footage at all. The music will focus on bands that influenced Kurt during the various stages of his life. It’s unclear what part, if any, Nirvana music may play in the finished film.”