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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Call Weyerhaeuser

Posted by on January 24 at 17:36 PM

The GOP Political Action Committee responsible for the recent $75,000 attack-ad mail piece that mimicks sex offender notices is called the Speakers Roundtable.

Weyerhaeuser gave $5,000 to the Speakers Roundtable last year.

The mailings, misleading at best, are classic scare politics, and unfairly imply that Democrats haven’t been hard on sex offenders.

The question is: Do local companies Wehyerhaeuser support this kind of mud slinging?

One way to find out: Ask them.

Call Weyerhaeuser at 253-924-2345

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What happened to Boeing?

I took Boeing off because I don't think they give in the most recent cycle like Weyerhaeuser did.

Frankly, the Dems exception for harsher molestation laws is soft and, quite frankly, bizarre. Why should offenders who knew their victims (i.e. family members, friends of the family, etc.) get lighter sentences? I really can't understand that one.

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