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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Still More Compton Speculation

Posted by on December 29 at 12:01 PM

So far, 11 people have put in applications for city council position 9 (nee Jim Compton’s seat), and speculation continues about who else will apply by the January 6 deadline. Those who have made it official include:

Businessman and Muni League volunteer Norman Z. Sigler;
Activist Juan Jose Bocanegra;
Office of Police Accountability Review Board chairman Peter Holmes;
Two-time council candidate Angel Bolanos;
Onetime council candidate Douglas A. Mays;
Former City Council member Dolores Sibonga;
Seattle Film Institute employee Chris Blanchett;
Antiwar activist Aaron Shuman;
Software developer and Poet Ramon Arjona;
Rosebud restaurant owner Robert Sondheim; and
Former city council member and 2003 Compton opponent John Manning.

Also preparing applications are 2003 council candidate Darryl Smith (who confirmed last week that he’s definitely running) and Sally Clark, a Southeast Seattle activist and former aide to Tina Podlodowski.

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You can add Javier Valdez to that list.

Javier Valdez, who chairs the 7th Congressional District for the Washington State Democrats, announced today that he will seek the Seattle City Council vacancy created by the resignation of Jim Compton.

From a 12/17 press release

Very interesting.

I think Sally is automatically on the shortlist. She has a lot of cityhall experience and would be supported by the pride crowd.

Darryl has strong credentials but might be jinxed by his Stranger support. The council does like to be independent of press thinking...

Manning needs to accept the decision of the voters last time round.

I have.


And I forgot to mention that Javier came in 7th in a 10 way primary back in 1996.


Erica: I'm pretty sure you meant to say that the 9th District seat is "aka" Compton's seat, not "nee" (or "born") Compton's seat. While he may be soemthing of a local institution, he ain't been in local government THAT long. ;)

Re: the '96 Primary results - Zander neglected to mention that Javier was TWENTY-SIX at that time. He's gotten a lot more experience under his belt in the intervening nine years. BTW, I also noticed that current Councilmember David Della came in sixth in that same primary ...

From Merriam-Webster:

2. Originally or formerly called.

Juan Bocanegra is a long time community activist, but is very pragmatic in his approach to local goverment. He is sligtly left of Nick Licata and Peter Steinbruck, which can help bring a progressive balance to the council when it comes time to vote for issues that matter to us, when it comes time to stop silly stuff like strip club legislation that hurts working women, to keep moral debates away from goverment, when it comes time to get some back bone and bring some development to south park, Georgetown, Central Area, Rainier Beach, instead of Lake Union. Juan is a founder of el Centro de la Raza, and of Vision of Seattle ( when it was a progressive organization) He is well known in city hall and understands regional, King County and city politics well.

He is definitely on the short list, unfortunately so is Daryl Smith whose legacy includes running Casa Latina out of the Rainier Valley and raising xenophobic fears about Latinos invading the valley. Smith would just be another biz friendly chamber of commerce council member who eventually will become another one of Paul Allen's personal councilmembers and who doesnt bring anything new to the council other than more rhetoric and a NIMBY attitude. These are the kind of dudes that vote down the Monorail, Gay marriage, absolutely no backbone, no vision, thinks the market will free everybody. Im not anti market, but he is nothing to get excited about, even if Erica keeps putting his NAME in BOLD when she writes him up as a front runner.

Javier is a nice enough guy, but he should be running against Dwight so that at least Dwight can have some competition. The Latino community needs a voice in the Dem party, since Greg is not a voice for Latinos.

Angel Bolanos is a joke and should be used as a punch line during a Comedy Central special.

Speaking of Juan, here is a little piece on him in the Beacon Hill News.

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