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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Seattle Shakespeare Podcast

Posted by on December 29 at 11:58 AM

You can listen to the Seattle Shakespeare’s premiere “audio jumpstart” podcast here.

Why would you ever want to? Well, the first five seconds are inadvertently funny (every Ibiza dance hit should have some stiffly read Shakespeare!), followed by a mildly interesting summary of the Wars of the Roses. Then the podcast devolves into an interview with the artistic director, a lackluster reading of the Richard/Anne scene (wherein she tells the “diffused infection of a man” to fuck the fuck off), and other dull jaw flapping.

The podcast idea ins’t bad, even if this initial attempt is lame. Some advice for SSC: tighten up each segment, ask more pointed, colorful questions (the audience doesn’t care if the director is “really positive”), and stick the actors with pins while they’re reading.