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Monday, November 14, 2005

Be Afraid…

Posted by on November 14 at 8:50 AM

Jeb Bush “leaves open” the possibility that he might run for president. His kids are drunk drivers, drug addicts, and can’t take “no” for an answer, and his wife lies to customs agents. Do we really want a man who can’t run a family running the country?

Ask Jeb or a Jeb fan about his peculiar family’s values, and they’ll insist it’s private. Other people’s families? Not so private.

I loved this quote in the Washington Post story:

Bush, 52, said he spoke frequently with his brother and visited the White House whenever he was in Washington but he said the two mainly discussed family matters or sport.

Family matters—for Jeb, at least, there’s so much to discuss. And discussing family matters is a good way to avoid the subject of just how thoroughly your brother has fucked up the country.