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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Backsliding on Evolution, Take 2

Posted by on November 13 at 11:21 AM

Pope Benedict XVI took another wobbly step into the evolution debate—an event presaged by Cardinal Schønborn’s infamous op-ed in July (to read my slog post summing up the problems that article presented, click here). Claiming that the world must be understood as an “intelligent project,” the pope just escaped endorsing the pseudoscience of “intelligent design” and repudiating the cautious but smart acknowledgment of evolution by his predecessor, Pope John Paul II.

The Catholic News Service has the (partisan but revealing) story, parses the languge, offers a summary of the passionate intra-Church debate, and dishes out some hot gossip (e.g., the smarmy smile on Cardinal Schønborn’s face after the pope wrapped up his speech).

Another pathetic weekend for the Catholic Church.