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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

ConWorks has a new director

Posted by on September 6 at 14:51 PM

And his name is Corey Pearlstein.

The press release is three pages long and will be posted here as soon as possible, but some highlights: Pearlstein’s background is in theater (he has worked with “Tony-nominated actors”) and he “has demonstrated a strong balance of artistic and administrative know-how and he’s an ideal artistic director for ConWorks as the organization grows from its youth into its adolescence,” according to ConWorks’s board president Robb Krieg.

Krieg is from the corporate world, not the art world, in case that quote sounds completely bizarre to you (“artistic…know-how”?). His board ousted ConWorks founder and executive director Matthew Richter last February (even though no one on the board had any experience running an arts organization), promised they had a plan (even though they told curators and artists in residence at ConWorks that they had no plan), ignored pleas from the art community to explain their actions (the ConWorks board does not have a good reputation on the competence front), and, for the last seven months, basically did nothing.