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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

New Music Fundraisers for the Week

Posted by on September 6 at 14:43 PM

People in Seattle are quick to act on helping throw benefit shows. Case in point, Ms. Kerri Harrop emailed around the following list of what music-related charitable events would love your hard-earned cash (for hurricane relief) this week:

Our friends at Neumo’s will be celebrating the opening of the newly remodeled back bar this evening with a benefit for the Humane Society.  Good Samaritan Edward Bender will be playing records and representatives from the Humane Society and ASPCA will be on hand to accept donations and let you know what you can do to help the countless stranded animals affected by the hurricane.  Sales of High Life will also be donated to the cause.

The bad boys and girls at the Viceroy will also be raising money tonight at Low Life, the craziest Tuesday night in town.  This special edition will feature Crunk Life from 9-11pm and DJs Fourcolorzack and N8 will be spinning all the Dirty South cuts.  The Viceory will raise its price of High Life bottles to $2 this evening to maximize donation potential; all sales will benefit the Red Cross.


Talented and kind-hearted photographer Charles Peterson has been overwhelmed with generous support for his offer of providing you with a limited edition photograph of Kurt Cobain in exchange for a minimum donation of $200.  He has reached his goal of 50 and has extended the offer to another 25.  Once he reaches that limit, he will have raised more than $15,000 in donations, which is truly amazing.  Let me know if you would like to participate and I will forward the information your way.

Our friend "Uncle” Phil Pickens is hosting a fun and potentially sexy night at the Eagle this Thursday, September 7.  His "Take It Off For Charity” event will feature hipsters, socialites, rockers, and party people wearing t-shirts that you can literally buy off their backs. Phil is still looking for participants, I'll let him explain:

"Here's the deal. You wear a cool, older tee (band tee, designer tee, cheesy tee) that people might be interested in. We auction it off then - here's the tricky part - you take it off and give it to the winner.  I'll be auctioning off my BUSH HATING FAGGOT Tee. Since this is the 'shirtless' night at the Eagle, I thought it would be fun to invite everyone - gay, straight, boy, girl to give it up for charity. You don't have to run around half naked all night or anything - just bring another tee and put it on after your tee is auctioned off.” Contact Phil if you wanna get on board, all money raised goes to hurricane relief.  Phil:

DJ Scorpio continues his non-stop fundraising efforts tonight at Linda's, where he'll be spinning records and collecting donations.  Linda's is generously matching all donations received at the bar, all money goes to hurricane relief.  You can also catch Scorpio and DJ Whiplash at their weekly Thursday night, "Psychotropic,” at the Whisky Bar.  Throw some money in their tip jar; all donations go to the Red Cross.