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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tonight at the Bus Stop

Posted by on August 23 at 13:59 PM

As promised, tonight at the Bus Stop some Stranger stars are reading from the weird, weird ouvre of Charles Mudede. I will be reading from a horror flick screenplay about a truck in Eastern Washington that kills teenagers, Josh Feit will be reading select installments of Police Beat, Bethany Clement will be reading some of Mudede’s long-lost fiction, and Corianton Hale will be reading some hilarious crap about Heidegger and hiphop. Plus, surprise guests, including the mirthful Marxist himself.

Again, it happens at Bus Stop — 508 E Pine St, next door to Bimbo’s Bitchin Burrito Kitchen — at 8 pm, and it won’t last long, because long readings suck.

It’s free. And there is a full bar.