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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Batty Bats

Posted by on August 23 at 13:56 PM

The Bats of Belfry, who play the War Room on Thursday, are billed everywhere online as Batts of Bellfry. So that’s how we treated their name in the music section that went to press last night. On my way to work today I came across a poster for “The Bats of Belfry” and hoped the poster-maker got it wrong. Then our intrepid copyeditor discovered that our HR manager’s boyfriend is in the band, and he confirms that there’re no double consonants in the name, and furthermore, there is a “the” before it. So, we’ve got it right in Stranger Suggests, which hasn’t gone to press yet, but wrong everywhere else. This is enough to ruin my day.
BANDS: Put up a simple m.f. website before you book your first show. And spell/style your name consistently therein so we know how to spell it.
EVERYONE ELSE: Breathe and breath are not spelled the same. Compliment and complement have two different meanings—please familiarize yourself with them.