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Friday, August 26, 2005

“Political-orientation harrassment, violence and hate crimes”

Posted by on August 26 at 14:00 PM

This just in, the background on my entry yesterday regarding a “Wanted” poster calling for the head of an anti-Republican windshield wiper vandal:

Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2005 12:23 am

Post subject: Leftists in action

I hope you will all take the time to read this story — it is long. It happened about a half hour ago.

When I work at Banana Republic on weekends, I typically park on Capitol Hill (as close as I can get to downtown) and then walk about 20 blocks. I can’t stand trying to find parking downtown, or worse, paying for it. So today, around 1pm, I parked my beat up 1989 Jeep Cherokee at 14th and Madison (right near Piecora’s Pizza).

After getting done with work around 10:30, I walked to Subway, where I had a sandwich and read the Stranger. (they still have not run a correction for an error they wrote in a story about Initiative 912 last month despite my repeated requests for one) Then I proceeded to walk the remaining seven or so blocks to my car.

As I walked around the corner right by Piecora’s, I noticed two thirty-something white males…

both dressed in punkish clothes (awkward given their ages..) and both significantly overweight (I would say at least 50 pounds a piece). The taller of the two, hereafter referred to as "the Perp" veered out of the crosswalk, toward my Jeep, after noticing my bumperstickers (NRA, a vintage 2000 Bush-Cheney sticker,, and "Clean up King County - Dump Ron Sims"). I observed the situation silently from around 30 feet away.

Perp then put his cigarette out on my Bush-Cheney sticker and proceeded to place his hands on my rear-view windshield wiper. A loud snap reverberated through the air as he ripped it off the car, particles of metal and plastic were seen flying throughout the area and Perp left the now completely broken windshield wiper dangling by a cord down by my license plate.

I began running toward Perp, shouting "That's my car! That's my car! You can't f---ing do that to people's cars! I'm calling 911!"

Perp responded "go ahead."

Dispatcher: 911 what's your emergency?
Aaron: AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! (I was really freaking out) Someone just ripped off my windshield wiper!
D: What's your location?
A: I'm on Madison and.... madison and something.. Right near CC's, g-----it!
D: I need the cross streets. What is the address?
A: Madison and 15th! Madison and 15th!
D: Ok, I am dispatching the officers, tell me what happened.
A: I was walking up to my car and I saw a man rip off my windshield wiper.
D: Do you know these people? Are they friends or neighbors?
A: No!
D: Why did they rip it off?
A: Because of my political bumperstickers!
D: What is the man wearing?
A: He's wearing a black muscle t-shirt with a white print on the back. He has multiple piercings and a tatoo on his left arm (snakes). He has a black baseball cap on and long cargo shorts that are camoflouge color.

(I proceeded to follow Perp and his friend into CCs, where I stayed within eyesight. I noticed Perp talking to a friend of his, also fat, pointing in my direction and acting all confused)

A: I saw you do it! I saw you do it!
D: Are you with the suspects right now?
D: Sir you need to leave the area immediately.
A: Ok, I'll go outside and wait.
D: The officers are on their way.

-end of 911 conversation-

A woman officer drove up about 4 minutes later. I was pacing, pacing, pacing, furious and hysterical. I told the woman the story and during the telling two other officers showed up. Officer Letizia (badge number 6628), God bless his soul, took down a description of the Perp and instructed me to go wait by my Jeep. I proceeded to walk down there and, in the process, I phoned Ross Marzolf, Executive Director of the KCGOP who lives a few blocks away and is also a former victim of political-orientation harrassment, violence and hate crimes.

Ross didn't answer, so I called Kristina Morris, God bless her soul. She awoke from sleep and took my call, I was hysterical and told her everything that happened. I took pictures of the bumpersticker with ashes all over it and pictures of my dangling, broken, maimed windshield wiper.

Officer Letizia returned after about 8 minutes, saying that they searched every room in the bar, including the bathrooms and there was no one in there that matched my description. He gave me a case number (05-357614) and said he'd file a report.

I AM SO MAD! Tomorrow, I am putting a large sign in the back of my car that says "A 'PEACEFUL' LEFTIST RIPPED OFF THE WINDSHIELD WIPER THAT USED TO BE THERE --->"


Aaron wrote up his account on a UW College Republicans forum(check it out to read the comments), which landed on Stefan Sharkansky's Sound Politics blog, which someone sent my way. Thanks!