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Monday, November 3, 2008

Seattle Public Utilities Does Not Negotiate With Terrorists Extortionists

posted by on November 3 at 17:43 PM


An employee for a garbage company that contracts with Seattle Public Utilities says he’s being extorted after losing a set of master keys used to gain access to dumpsters across the city.

According to a police report filed on October 29th, the garbage company employee received a call from a man who told him he’d found the ring of keys said he’d return them if the city paid him $100.

“We don’t pay ransom,” says Seattle Public Utilities spokesman Andy Ryan. “He said ‘no money no keys’ and we turned it over to [SPD]. They’re not marked so there’s no way he can know what they go to.”

The police report says a detective was able to track the alleged extortionist’s cell phone, but police were unable to locate the man.

The garbage company is contacting building managers to let them know that the security of their trash may have been compromised.

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