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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Breakfast Serial

posted by on May 22 at 11:00 AM

New local publisher Cryptic Bindings is a self-described “creepy little press.” Their current entire list is one photo book, but this fall they’re publishing On/Off, which is billed as “A Jekyll and Hyde story.”

In the last decade or so, Seattle has really lost a lot of ground to Portland by way of publishing companies. There’s not a lot of diversity or energy in our publishing scene, so we should keep our fingers crossed, because a boutique horror press could add a lot to our publishing diversity.

At the moment, on their website, Cryptic is unrolling a serial thriller novel. It’s untitled, and there’s a contest to name it. Now, I’ve always been a fan of the idea of serial novels—when I read Dickens I usually stop between chapters to sort of get the rhythm of how his books were initially published—and I’m a little disappointed that there’s not a whole lot of this going on on the internet. Sure, the New York Times always runs a serial novel, but it feels vaguely like a throwback, as though the publishers are amused with how quaint they are. So the first five chapters of this novel are up, with a promise to publish every Monday. There are a lot of cliches, but that kind of thing is a valuable tool in the telling of serial fiction. It’s hard to tell what’s going to happen, or if the story is going to eventually be worth anything, but I’ll gladly load the thing into my feed reader and find out.

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Serial novels are all the rage in audio form. I occasionally download them at

Posted by Angel | May 22, 2008 11:19 AM

I am an impatient bitch. I do not like to wait to find out what happens so I never read serial novels. At least not until it's all done and I can get the whole thing at once so I can read it at my speed, not an artificially dictated one.

Posted by PopTart | May 22, 2008 11:48 AM

Well, the plan is to publish a printed, uncensored edition with extra good stuff in early '09.

Posted by Cryptic Bindings | May 22, 2008 11:58 AM

See! If I wait I'll get extra good stuff! Maybe that makes me a patient bitch instead.

Posted by PopTart | May 22, 2008 12:06 PM

Ohhhh, but the serial version will have it's own special treats......

Posted by Cryptic Bindings | May 22, 2008 12:14 PM

Ohhhh, but the serial version will have its own special treats......

Posted by Cryptic Bindings | May 22, 2008 12:15 PM

It had me at "creepy."

Posted by SMB | May 22, 2008 1:19 PM

This is an excellent serial, sort of reminds of me of when Stephen King did the Green Mile in the same fashion. The suspense is part of the fun, and it's well written with lots of Seattle tidbits thrown in for the local folks. READ IT!

Posted by meredith | May 22, 2008 7:29 PM

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