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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Today in Line Out

posted by on December 12 at 15:15 PM

Ike Turner: Dead at 76.

Strangercrombie Music Item of the Day: Book a Sunday at the High Dive.

Tonight in Music: Little Party and the Bad Business at Vera and Christmas in Havana at Havana.

Stairway to Something: Trent Moorman gives you the Zeppelin update you’ve been waiting for.

Today in Music News: RIAA goes crazy (surprise), Eddie Vedder does another soundtrack, Green Day gets a side-project, and more.

Video: PWRFL Power performs live in The Stranger offices.

Obama in Pictures: Shots from the Stranger Flickr Pool from last night’s Generation Obama event.

Sigur Rós Comes to Seattle: Sorta. Their documentary comes to Seattle.

It’s Not About the Music: Eric Grandy goes to last night’s Obama event and finds a story where a story doesn’t exist.

“Last Christmas”: All about the time when Wham! saved my life.

New Mars Volta Video: The band does what they feel like (and they feel like never coming to Seattle ever again thanks to an anonymous pee-tosser).

Blake Lewis’ Homecoming Show: At the Showbox, Thursday Dec 20.


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