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Thursday, June 7, 2007

They’re Out in Force at the Venice Biennale

posted by on June 7 at 19:13 PM

The biggest art exhibition in the world has begun to accept visitors, and the critics are blogging. I won’t be able to send updates tomorrow, when many will probably come in, because of Freaky Friday, but I can tell you who’s out there doing what.

The NYT’s arts blog, Artsbeat, looks like it intends to be all over it, with words and pics.

Time critic Richard Lacayo, the best blogging critic for my money, is already in with some preliminary thoughts about Rob Storr’s big show in the big show.

Charlotte Higgins from the Guardian podcasted on her first day here, and I’d stay tuned to the Guardian blog—it always has something going on. (A good little backgrounder by Adrian Searle here.)

Wish I were there; I’m hoping to go in September. More soon on how the Felix Gonzalez-Torres sculpture of reflecting pools just barely touching (below, installed in the entry courtyard of the US pavilion, photo from the NYT today), almost stood at Western Washington University instead.


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I guess people don't like to comment on art, Jen. Aren't all subjects art in a sense? Oh well, today I spraypainted about 1/6th of the mural we're doing on a friend's garage - also used some house paint, caulk, sharpies. Graffiti artists baffle, amaze me on&on. I'm slow, one can at a time - only thing we did on public stuff was for view of the bus commuter highway in PGh. House paint "addict of metropolis" in r,w and b. ok, yeah, i just learned a month ago that, according to artist in "the scene" that she pronunced it venice be-a-nelly. Threw me for a loop! Hope you get to go in September. Cheers.

Posted by Garrett | June 7, 2007 8:32 PM

Redaction: she's not really in "the seen"- we used to hang out when she made furniture, now she's a photo-journalist with NYT/MTV.

Looking forward to Freaky Friday. What will Steve do for the cabin's 'Talent Show?'

Posted by Garrett | June 8, 2007 6:47 AM


Posted by Bill | June 12, 2007 2:44 PM


Posted by Bill | June 12, 2007 2:44 PM

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