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Sunday, June 10, 2007

They Have Faces: Part Four

posted by on June 10 at 9:45 AM


Here are seven more great faces, including the late Kryzstof Kieslowski [above], that are featured in this year’s film festival.
I’ll probably stop here, although there are thousands of other intriguing mugs out there. Click the links for parts one, two, and
three (Annie dedicated an entry to actor/director Isild Le Besco).


Toni Collette: Evening, Like Minds. I have no idea if these films
are any good—the former, from the Hungarian director of the Holocaust drama Fateless, looks aestheticized to within an inch
of its life—but Collette makes everything she touches that
much better
. Like Minds plays the Neptune on 6/10 and Evening plays the Neptune on 6/16. (Evening opens in Seattle on 6/29.)


Isabelle Huppert: La Vie Promise. You may recognize her from The Piano Teacher, I Heart Huckabees, and the films of Claude Chabrol. Her impassive face is so inscrutable, there’s an entire book dedicated to it. She’s been photographed by all the greats, making her a sort of modern-day Garbo or Dietrich—with freckles. There are no more SIFF screenings, but La Vie Promise is available on DVD.


Kryzstof Kieslowski: Still Alive - A Film About Kryzstof Kieslowski. It's the contrast between the light eyes and the dark brows. This portrait caught my eye, because he looks like a cross between Jeremy Irons and Derek Jacobi. And as Annie has observed, the teenaged Kieslowski was pretty hot. There are no more SIFF screenings of this documentary. Since it was produced for Polish TV, I'd imagine it'll show up as a DVD extra (if it doesn't garner its own release).


Robert Mapplethorpe: Black, White + Gray. No, he wasn't an actor or a director, but the late photographer is one of the subjects of this non-fiction portrait (along with curator Sam Wagstaff). Black, White + Gray plays the Harvard Exit on 6/13 and the Egyptian on 6/14.


Mads Mikkelsen: Prague. You may recognize him from Casino Royale, After the Wedding, Open Hearts, Pusher, Pusher II, and countless other films. I've said it before, I'll say it again: Those cheekbones could cut glass. Prague plays the Harvard Exit on 6/10.


Parker Posey: Broken English. The one and only. Like Collette, she elevates every film in which she participates—well, except
for Josie and the Pussycats (there's only so much one woman can do). There are no more SIFF screenings of Broken English (co-starring Time to Leave's Melvil Poupard), but the debut from Zoe Cassavetes, daughter of John Cassavetes, opens in Seattle on 7/17.


Slavoj Zizek: The Pervert's Guide to Cinema. I love the way he says "fill-um." There are no more SIFF screenings of this illustrated lecture from Sunshine's Sophie Fiennes—not to be confused with Sunshine's Danny Boyle—but I'd imagine it'll make its way to town again sometime, especially since the NWFF programmed Zizek! last year.

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Who took those photographs?

Posted by local yokel | June 11, 2007 8:51 AM

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