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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Slog: Good for Republicans Too!

posted by on June 20 at 12:14 PM

I’ve got an item coming out in today’s Stranger (similar to a Slog post I did yesterday) quoting the Washington State Democrats’ preemptive strike on the state GOP.

D State Party Chair Dwight Pelz warns the GOP not to funnel Norm Maleng’s campaign war chest to Republican KC Prosecutor candidate Dan Satterberg. (Satterberg was longtime KC Prosecutor Maleng’s chief of staff. Maleng died suddenly last month, leaving a $194,000 campaign fund.)

I couldn’t reach the GOP by deadline yesterday to get their response to Pelz’s attack in print, but wonders of technology and blogging: I can post it here.

So, to recap, here’s yesterday’s hit from the Democrats:

Under state law, it is illegal to transfer so-called “surplus” campaign funds – the money left over after retirement, loss, or death – from one candidate’s accounts directly to that of another candidate. It is, however, legal to donate to charity, or to a party organization — but if the funds do go to a political party, any quid pro quo understanding that the funds will then be donated to or spent in support a particular candidate would run afoul of Washington State’s campaign finance laws.

In the case of the prosecutor’s race, State Democratic Party Chairman Dwight Pelz says that if large amounts of cash from Maleng’s campaign coffers are funneled through the Republican Party back to the GOP nominee for the position, Republican Dan Satterberg – as some Satterberg backers have been whispering is likely – it would be tantamount to the sort of illegal and unethical political money laundering< that Republicans have become known for on the national level.

And here’s the response I just got from Michael Young, head of the KCGOP:

“You know, I was surprised at the tone and the tenor of Dwight’s statement. It was tacky and tawdry. Here it is just a few week’s after Norm has died and he makes this shot across the bow, a personal attack on Judy Maleng [Norm’s wife, who is in charge of the funds now] based on no evidence whatsoever.”

Young said he thinks Judy Maleng will give the money to charity and that “Dan Satterberg can certainly raise enough money himself to win in King County. But even if Judy wanted to do that [help Satterberg], that’s her decision, not Dwight’s. Is it typical of Dwight to come across as a total cad, to act like a jerk? Evidently Dwight needs to grow up. This is a state chair?”

I don’t think Judy Maleng can send the money to Satterberg even if she wanted to, but … god damn… that’s quite a response from Young.


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if slog becomes good for republicans, i'll stop hanging out here.

Posted by adrian! | June 20, 2007 12:19 PM

So, where's the money?

That's the acid test.

Posted by Will in Seattle | June 20, 2007 12:45 PM

Dwight does not pull punches and that is what I like about him. He is a strong fighter and a good leader.

Posted by Jake of | June 20, 2007 1:13 PM

Dwight's tone and tenor was tacky and tawdry. Tough titties.

Posted by Tom Terrific | June 20, 2007 1:30 PM

Totally tubular!

Posted by Totally Tubular | June 20, 2007 3:46 PM

Fuck those oh so sensitive GOP pansies. Politics is a bare knuckle brawl, and "firing a shot across the bow" just lets those corrupt, lawless fuckers know that we're on to them, and if they try to pull any bullshit a la Tom DeLay, they're gonna get clocked. Tacky? Tawdry? What the fuck is this, a goddamned tea party?

Posted by Gitai | June 20, 2007 7:52 PM


Posted by DEAN BERRY | June 21, 2007 4:13 AM

"Tawdry? What the fuck is this, a goddamned tea party?"

"A Revolution is not a Tea Party" - Chairman Mao

Posted by Jake of | June 21, 2007 10:28 AM

The image of Dwight Pelz that this post brings to mind is that of pinchbeck caddish villain in a Victorian melodrama. We'll call this one...


Porcine and pasty-faced, with an elaborate waxed mustache, he faces the sobbing widow and... MAKES HIS DEMAND!

All kidding aside, this has to be the single most boorish and ill-mannered approach to a bereaved widow I have seen in decades.

Dastardly Dwight should publicly apologize for this unwanted and loathsome intrusion into the bereavement of the Maleng family.

Given that the eventual use of these funds has always been said to be one or more of the Maleng's favored charities, Dastardly Dwight should, as an act of penance, agree to make a SUBSTANTIAL personal addition.

The funeral is barely past, and the family is, among other things, considering how the money can best be given to benefit our community and to memorialize their loved one.

Pelz has shown himself to be an AWFUL man, a true berk in the Cockney sense. Can you imagine your feelings if this bounder inserted himself into your family at a time like this?

Dwight Dastardly indeed.

Posted by Dwight Dastardly | June 21, 2007 6:47 PM

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