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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Re: Maleng & Satterberg

posted by on June 13 at 14:49 PM

I did a post earlier today about the political contribution habits of former KC Prosecuting Attorney Norm Maleng and his “heir apparent” Dan Satterberg.

The point of the post was—based on Maleng and Satterberg’s contributions to other politicos—Maleng seemed worthy of the moderate GOP label that Satterberg’s trying to capitalize on—while it’s not so clear that Satterberg deserves it.

I listed a bunch of contributions (Rossi, Esser, Sidran, McKenna) in that post, but a commenter wanted to hear more about Satterberg’s donor habits. There’s not much more, but a few other local folks he contributed to are: GOP KC Council Member Kathy Lambert and KC Sheriff Sue Rahr.

I checked at the federal level, and he doesn’t show up. His sister donated to Steve Forbes and the RNC in 2000.

Maleng, for his part, did show up on the federal level, donating $1000 to Bush in 2004.

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