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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Notes From The Prayer Warrior

Posted by on September 13 at 11:00 AM

Looks like the Prayer Warrior is involving himself in the fallout from the Brier police officer shooting


September 13, 2006

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Please pray for me today as I deal with the situation with Gary Starks and the Brier Police. I am receiving many requests for interviews as I represent the family, and need wisdom in dealing with this very difficult situation. Please pray for all involved; for the family of the officer, and for Gary and Leona.

Your Pastor,

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He shot the cop?

that pi article needs some editing.

Weird... this connection is between Starks and The Rev. The reports of Starks role in Brier has been to piss people off at the government level, a situation going back several years. He has been painted as an asshole in the best of light. Now, it seems that he is involved in some manner with a police officer going to his home and ending up in the hospital. Now, I see here that King of the Bigots, The Rev Hutch, has a connection to Starks. Why The Rev would publicly make a strong connection is kind of curious, given Starks rep as an asshole and possible criminal, and The Rev claiming to be a "Man of God" and shit. Also, its not like Kirkland and Brier are close geographically, so it is hard to think why those two are connected, except politcally. I would think The Rev would pray quitely and minimize his connection.

Could someone please put a sword through the prayer warrior? Be sure to bring crosses, holy water and garlic.

Gary Starks is a creep who damn near destroyed the town in just a couple of months, and now he's killed a police officer. Smooth. A proud "Warrior" indeed.

As a Christian, Hutch would be called upon to forgive Starks. Of course, Hutch is a bigoted asshole who conveniently ignores most of what his religion's founder actually said.

I absolutely hate Hutch, but to me it seems that the people involved in this tragedy (whether the creepy killer ex-mayor or the family of the veteran officer) would likely want counseling and/or spiritual guidance. If they're Hutch followers, it looks like he's there for them. I don't see where he's trying to grab headlines with this, he's just sending out a message for his fellow "prayer-warriors", which isn't really directed to the general public, and I only see it when Stranger bloggers post it. So unless he starts conducting interviews with the newspapers or TV stations, I don't think he's done anything wrong here, and I don't see why you posted this.

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