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Monday, September 18, 2006

Man Eater

Posted by on September 18 at 13:47 PM

It’s now time to give Anna Nicole Smith a little thought.
She is our Shiva. She is the universe. As the universe creates and destroys; she creates and destroys. It is an awesome power. The men who get too close to her breath, breasts, body are vaporized like bones in a furnace.

Granted the billionaire, J. Howard Marshall II, she married in 1994 was 89, and so his death, which almost immediately followed their marriage, seems hardly surprising. But what about the billionaire’s stepson, E. Pierce Marshall, Smith’s courtroom adversary? He unexpectedly died in July at the age of 67. And then, even more unexpectedly, her son dropped dead at only 20. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to Smith. Which is why the distance between her and the dead billionaire, or even between her dead son and newborn daughter, was so great. With Smith, the male order of grandfather, father, son is voided.

Smith’s son came into the world with nothing and left nothing in the world. He has been entirely consumed by his life-devouring/life-giving mother.

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That was pithy, Charles, like, really deep. Now could you put the roach clip down for two seconds and acknowledge that, no matter how much of a living caricature Anna Nicole Smith is, she's experiencing the nightmare of a parent outliving their child? Her kid's dead, man. What is wrong with you? someone out there paying people to attack every Slog Charles posts? Or is there another reason there always seems to be some moral outrage or quick dismissal of just about everything he writes.

Anna Nicole Smith not withstanding, since she is known Slog reader and is probably pretty upset and ready to cancel her subscription to The Stranger.

Of course, the following is beyond unlikely. However, I see it as my mission as a bloghound to report the unverified musings of the net. According to "a source" Daniel Smith (aka the Son) is actually the father of Anna's newborn and killed himself out of shame.

RUMOURS, you've said what everybody is thinking.

According to "a source" Daniel Smith (aka the Son) is actually the father of Anna's newborn and killed himself out of shame.

More like Kali,

Om Hrim Shrim Klim Parameshwari Kalike Swaha

I believe Kali likes to be given limes in puja.

The timeliness of Charles's post is eerie. Durga Puja is celebrated starting this Saturday.

I'm not going to even entertain the thoughts of those vicious Oedipus rumors until I hear Greta Van Susteren talk about it on Fox news.

May you all experience the same kinship and kindness at the death of your own child. Surely Kyle Huff's victims deserved the same outpouring of care.

Charles has many fans who love his dreamy and poetic postings. Any true poet faces opposition from mediocre minds. Charles is Seattle's only real poet. That's why some people post mean things about him.

Dude, you really need to get out of this dark headspace you're in. Seriously, I don't know why, but it's like you're being dragged down into a dark pit and you're flailing around.

Take care of yourself, Charles, and don't think such dark things.

Charles. you are a brilliant writer. brilliant writers have an extraordinary humanity about them because they have the ability to empathize and feel. good God man, this woman just lost her son. can you not imagine the pain of losing a child? your post is beyond fucking cruel. you need to look deep into your own soul to find out what the hell is going on in there. take care brother, be kind to other human beings and be good to yourself.

As long as wine and dub exist, Charles will be quite all right.

Hegel proposes a vision of Life-Death as having no more weight than Hot-Cold. Do you mourn the darkenss when you flip off the lightswitch in your bathroom? Is the darkened room more meaningful than when the light falling on the bathroom sink?

Death is simply a social construct meant to divert humanity from evolution upwards. A child dying, a paper cup blown into the gutter, a television set being turning off somewhere in Kansas; what does it mean? Being seeking to know itself is nothing-everything.

Charles is a genius.

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