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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

DV One Hearing, Sept 27, 2006

Posted by on September 27 at 17:10 PM

This morning, at the far too bright and early hour of 8:30 am, King County Courthouse was again filled with supporters of DV One, who came to listen in on his legal hearing. We thought the early hour might keep away some supporters, but the small courtroom on the 12th floor was filled to maximum capacity and spilled out into the hallway. The hearing itself was to enter DV One’s plea of “Not Guilty” and also for the judge to decide whether DV was likely to commit another crime before the trial and therefore would be required to post bail. The judge decided in favor of the defense — DV does not have to post bail, though the decision is more important symbolically as a sign that the judge felt DV could be trusted to a certain extent.

We talked to some of DV One’s supporters and the alleged felon himself.

This first clip, Dr. Gwendolyn Jones (mother of Jonathan Moore) opining about her take on the case.

This second clip features comments from Geologic of the Blue Scholars, who we cornered in the hallway before the hearing, and DV One after the hearing was decided in favor of the defense.

DV-one’s lawyer, public defender Lisa Daugaard, would not comment on whether they’re planning to press charges against the police for his injuries.

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that's cause they don't get to "press charges." if the prosecutor's office received enough evidence, they could press charges (i did read one quote where they asked anyone with information supporting DV-One's version to come forward).

he could file a civil suit.

Right on DV One!

i'm really glad this story hasn't been forgotten amidst all the buju banton drama.

Good luck DV one!

I would think with all the money that you make for everyone that you dj for you could have a top-notch defenses lawyer working for you. but you have a public defender?(well, she did go to yale law school maybe she is a good lawyer) but with the case load that a public defender carrys you are not going to get the attendant that your case needs.

oh well good luck!!

ummm...if Lisa is defending him, I'm betting that's cause she put in a special request for it. He's gonna get the best defense money could buy.

She's jaw-droppingly smart and lives and breathes these sorts of issues. There's not a "for-hire" attorney in town who can match her on this one.

Seattle is very racist. The white northern European males in Seattle would elect Hitler president if they could.

I question too why he was eligible for a PD. Usually if you have more than a few bucks in the bank, you have to pony up for your own attorney.

Maybe DV is not as rich as you think he is. He maybe well known locally, but not nationally.

Speaking of police brutality against black folk, what's the status of the case of the art teacher who was beat up outside the war room after asking the cop why they were stopping his friend for throwing a cig butt on the sidewalk?

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