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Friday, August 25, 2006

Stop the presses! Iran exhibits anti-Jewish art!

Posted by on August 25 at 10:35 AM

A drawing of a Jew with a nose so large it obscures his entire head? How interesting!
A depiction of Ariel Sharon wearing a Nazi uniform emblazoned with Stars of David? How provocative!
A picture of a vampire wearing a giant Star of David, drinking the blood of Palestinians? How original!

The Times reports that the exhibit is “intended to expose what some here see as Western hypocrisy for invoking freedom of expression regarding the publication of cartoons that lampooned the Prophet Muhammad while condemning President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran for questioning the Holocaust.”

Because America would never allow anti-Semitism on our shores, obviously.

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Blast these Eastern infidels for mocking our Western beliefs!! Riot on the streets, my fellow Americans!! The streets will flow with the blood of the.....oh wait, no. It's just a bunch of crappy art.


Mel Gibson had his career ruined for making anti-semitic comments. Israel will eventually attack Iran, and these people will pay for their hate speech.

At least in America when a film director gets drunk and says something anti-semitic, we have the power to ruin his life and ruin his career.

In America we have the Anti-Defamation league that monitors all media and ensures the Jewish people are protected from anti-semitic art. Every film, book, and television show in America is examined for anti-semitic content by the ADL.

It's true Mel Gibson will pay for what he said, but it's nothing compared to what Iran will pay when Israel invades. Someday Iranian oil will flow to Israel and these people will regret showing such cartoons.

y'all are nuts. We didn't ruin Gibson's career. HE ruined it.

Time to adjust your tinfoil hats.

Anyone in America who makes an anti-semitic comment has only themselves to blame for the consequences. Same goes for Iran. They can say whatever they want. But once Israel attacks Iran the only one to blame is Iran, they've brought this on themselves for their constant anti-semitic comments and artwork.

BTW -any chance we can see the "art"?

The NYT has a photo of one piece. It's a head with an American flag on the skull, the mouth is shaped like a gun. Nice graphic. Curious that NYT didn't publish all the Iranian cartoons so American readers could judge their merit for themselves. Just saying.

Israel has now appointed a coordinator for possible war with Iran. Let's hope this gallery is among the first targets to be bombed.

This is only tangentially related, but did anyone ever see Boomka's Israeli anti-semetic cartoon contest?
It was started in response to an Iranian newspaper's call for anti-semetic cartoons; basically, the idea was, we can poke more fun/say more about ourselves than they can. You hafta be Jewish to enter. Most of them are pretty bad, but that's not the point.

To laugh in the face of hatred. To offer tears of laughter instead of tears of sorrow. That is what our people do best. We must do everything we can to prevent the Iranian cartoons from getting publicity, and being published in America. We as a people have suffered enough. Some day soon Iran will pay, Israel remembers.

This crap is no more "art" than a crucifix in a jar or urine or the Virgin Mary peppered with cow dung.

After Israel bombs this Iranian gallery, someone can take beautiful photos of the results. That'll be real art.

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