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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mel Gibson: From Hunk to Drunk!

Posted by on August 10 at 10:11 AM

As I promised in the brand-new Last Days, here is the dazzling footage of celebrity anti-Semite Mel Gibson morphing “From hunk to drunk!”

(Thanks, US Weekly!)

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I still admire Mel Gibson.My prayers,is for Mel,to get the help he needs.Mel,is famous,but he's still aperson.Right now he needs love & understanding,I pray for Mercy & grace.Mel,your still my hero!I'am in your corner.You are forgiven.Remember Jesus loves you.It will get better.Here's something that might help?"My savior loves,My savior lives,My savior is always there for me.My God He was,My God He is,My God He's always there for me" are loved by JESUS & me.God Bless you in Jesus love,Kim.

christer troll? what a nice change of pace.

what the, fuck, kim? do you, know how to write, a proper sent,ence?

This is OLD news. From like, MONDAY.

Christians say god won't let gays have butt sex, and Jews say god tells them to suck blood off baby cocks. Religious people are all idiots.

Even New York Public Health can't stop these religious crack post from killing babies.

Anyone making comments agaist Israel will have their career ruined. That's as it should be. Everyone in America must agree with what Israel is doing, otherwise the islamo-fascists will win.

What everyone has failed to notice, is what I have suspected for a every long time. Mel Gibson is Osama bin Laden. It's very clear in the morph. It brings it all full circle doens't it?

remember when mel used to be hot?

For MEL GIBSON,you are still in my prayers.It's going to get better.Just keep the faith,God,will come thru on your behalf.Mel,don't let those negative people, get you down,you have Jesus carrying you!That's not bad either.Jesus Loves You,Mel. Kim


I couldn't help but hear your plea for Mr. Gibson, but I gotta let you know: I'm up to my tuchus in crises right now, and I don't really have time to deal with the penny-ante shit (I could, of course, MAKE more time, but that would be about as challenging as cheating at solitare).

Anyway, if you REALLY want to send Mel a prayer - one he might actually hear - I suggest you contact his management company:

Icon Productions
808 Wilshire Blvd. 4th Fl.
Los Angeles, CA 90401

Thanks, and Keep The Faith, Baby!

Thanks for the Icon Productions,address.I will use it! Good idea.I will keep the Faith,it's the only way,Jesus,that is!Have a nice day.Kim

Oh yeah, Kim, another thing I gotta let you know about, Yeshua Ben Miriamis deader than Gibsons career; has been for, uh, lesse - carry the four - yeah, about 1996 years now. That's what happens when some skank tries to foist her illegitemate spawn off as my son.

And no, I didn't take a paternity test. I don't have to.

He's still hot...I'd still do him. He's an idiot and he basically commited social suicide, but I'd still hit it.

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