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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hitler for Sale

Posted by on August 10 at 9:57 AM

Watercolors thought to be by a young Hitler are going on sale at a small British auction house, which is a mite nervous about dealing in the F├╝hrer, but ready to rationalize.

Auctioneer Ian Morris tells the Guardian that while some auction houses won’t deal in Hitler or Nazi memorabilia, these paintings are OK to sell because they’re from before Hitler became, well, Hitler. These watercolors of fields and trees might tell us how he got to be such a bad man. And then, of course, comes the oft-repeated theory that it was “the art establishment” that brought us Hitler, since he felt so rejected when the Viennese Academy of Fine Arts would not have him that he had to lash out on the world.

“Perhaps if his art had been better received and he had developed a successful career as an artist rather than being rejected by the art establishment he would not have become the man he did, ultimately responsible for the death of millions of people,” Mr Morris said.

In other words, the painting below may have been involved in helping to bring the 20th century to its knees. Look upon it at your own risk.


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So if we can identify these budding Hitlers early, and all pretend to like their art even though it sucks ass, we can avoid dictatorships in the future?

We must never forget the Holocaust. Thanks for this post. Anti-Semitism is at an all time high, and Seattle is full of racists. The daily postings reminding people of the Holocaust and how America did nothing to stop it. We must remind everyone which people have always been the world's most oppressed group.

anti semitism at an all time high? maybe israel should stop infringing on the rights of palestinians and the lebanese!

The art community rejected him because that painting looks like a piece of shit. Seriously, that shit makes Bob Ross look like fucking Raphael.

Oh, and Shoshana does NOT speak for the Jewish community. Please remember that when you read her asinine and unrelated comments.

That painting reminds me of that white guy with the afro on PBS who use to do a painting show.

it did not matter if he was a wanna be artist or not. hitler supposedly was also a strict vegan, cared about the german diet, very polite, never used crass words, was a gentleman, but that still did not prevent him from ordering mass murder and inventing some aryan theory to justify his genocidal madness.

White European males are responsible for all the violence in the world. Germany and Spain are to blame for Israel's current war. Shoshana is right. We must have daily reminders of Hitler and the Holocaust. Oppression is on the rise, and we must never let the world forget which group is the most oppressed.

Hitler sells!

If you want to attract audiences to your movie, just add Hitler! (ie. last year's 'Downfall,' 'Hitler's Secretary,' ABC's new miniseries and countless Hitler-y projects coming soon to a screen near you!)

Got paintings to sell or books to offload? Throw in Hitler and watch the profits roll in! (152 Hitler biographies on! And counting!)

You want to invade a small country and overthrow their leader? Just invoke Hitler and the land is yours! (Panama, Iraq, Chile, and the list keeps growing!)

We love his greasy hair, his little moustache and that sense of danger he brings to every occasion! And we love what he does to our bottom line! Fascism and capitalism! The perfect combination!

White European males find their hero in Hitler. Racist Seattle is full of Northern European males who would love another Hitler. Seattle is very racist and passive aggressive just like Hitler. America did nothing to stop Hitler, and white european males would love a fascist, capitalist state.

You clowns are starting to piss me off. The Israeli Army is one of the best funded and most high-tech armies in the world. Israel receives more than US$2 billion each year in military aid from the United States, and also has its own massive weapons industry. So cut the 'most oppressed minority' crap.

The Holocaust sucked, we all agree. But it doesn't give Israel, or anyone else, the right to wreak massive destruction on innocent people. Israel is an incredibly agressive occupying nation. If you could be bothered to see the world beyond your insane dogma, you'd be as ashamed as the rest of us by Israel's unforgivable behavior in Lebanon.

Sorry for the rant. I blame the Jews.

Hitler was passive aggressive?? Which part of invading Poland was the 'passive' part?

Gurldoggie's anti-semitic comments about Israel in this thread will hurt many people. Jews are the world's most oppressed people and we must never, ever forget the Holocaust.

The only people who are killed by Israel's bombs are terrorists or innocent people the terrorist have placed as human shields. The Jewish people and Israel are always oppressed by anti-semites.

...while utter crap that this painting has anything to do with the slaughter of millions, one can't help but notice the forgrounding of the distinctly Christian architecture (the Biblical literature behind which Hitler, of course, used to justify some of his crimes).

Christians all want Hitler for president. Jews want their rabbis sucking blood off baby cocks. Religion is for idiots. Yet religious idiots control our governments.

Even the New York Public Health department can't keep Rabbis from sucking blood off baby cock. Read it and weep:

I think the painting is brilliant. Hope I get a chance to bid on it. You people need to take an art appreciation class or two. Also, you need to bone up on your history. You are all deluded. Turn off your television and burn your newspaper - its the only way to free your mind. Or at least, whats left of it.

How would any of us know who the world's most oppressed group is? We all live with computers and running water.

Anyway, if it was Hitler's dream to be a famous artist, why doesn't an organization with the cash buy these dreary, mediocre works and burn them all? We can't forget the holocaust but we can forget his crap art, which would probably piss him off more.

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