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Friday, August 25, 2006

Flash Mob at Home Depot

Posted by on August 25 at 13:36 PM

While the whole “flash mob” thing may be a bit played, it’s obviously still wicked fun, and here’s an organized group in NYC who are doing it right. 225 members of “Improv Everywhere” got together to walk in slow motion through Home Depot for five minutes, shop normally for five minutes, and then freeze wherever they were for five minutes. The result freaked out EVERYBODY in the store, and makes for really interesting (and kinda artsy) viewing.

Tip o’ the hat to Wired Blog!

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neeeded more bodies. it would have been impressive if they were in the majority.

Strange, in the Phillipines, according to an article I read today, they have flash mobs of thousands of people who do political actions.

I guess that means it's "over".

Or not.

Improv Everywhere's events are not flash mobs. They even say so on their FAQ:

Aren't these flash mobs?
No. Improv Everywhere was created about 2 years before the "flash mob" fad. While some of our missions may have certain similarities to a flash mob (large numbers of people appearing in a public place and then disappearing suddenly), we really don't have anything to do with flash mobbing.

Is the piece beautiful, and wonderful, and do I think it makes the world a better place? Yes. Did I love their Best Buy blue-shirt culture jam? Yes. But these aren't flash mobs. A minor semantic point.

Someone should post the video of Improv Everywhere's MP3 experiment. It's so amazing.

I love this stuff, but I fear that this group's gonna get WTC'd by the cops someday.

That is one of the best thing I've seen in weeks!

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